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  1. Maknifiso

    Maschinen Krieger Series MK-31 GANS Panzer Aufkalarungs SK602

    Howdy forum! Long time no post from me..So i make it up this year with much models :D Here is My recently finished Ma.K GANS. All hand paint with Mr color/G-notes paints. Finished with Doc O's dry pigments and WN artist oils. Plaster base with Matt gel, dirt, twigs and WS static grass. Hope you...
  2. Maknifiso

    My 30 day OOB AFS

    Are you guy's sick of Maa....K yet? ::) Well if you aren’t, check out my 30 day out of the box group build I did over on the Ma.K. forum. I've been working this simultaneously with my BSC entry :P Enjoy ;)...
  3. Maknifiso

    Panzer Kampf Flugzeg 41 with P.K. Anzug H0. The Hornisse!

    Hello fellow addicts ;D I decided to post a WIP on this awsome SF3d Original. This one is super rad, multimedia, springs, wire mesh, copper, steel, camo cards, heck it comes with some sheet styrene :o As you can see it is a good sized kit, 2 in one actually 8)...
  4. Maknifiso

    Panzer Aufkalayug T. W-47 Custom PaK conversion 1/72 Scale KROTE

    Hi SMA! here is my recently completed 1/72 Pak Krote conversion. This is one of those super rare 1 day only wonderfest releases. This kit design is from the Maschinen Krieger world created by the master Kow Yokoyama. The kit itself is from the resin masters Zionel Westen Bis(Licensed garage...
  5. Maknifiso

    Hello from the great PNW

    Greetings everyone, Travis Weiss here hailing from Steilacoom, WA. I just recently discovered SMA and I have to say this is a great forum. Love the layout and philosophy. Seems like a good bunch of guys here. I'm a diehard rock n roll plastic model freak.(actually a multi-instrumentalist too)...