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  1. Dennis McQuillen

    Dragon Panzer IV D upgunned

    I thought I would get this kit off the shelf if shame and finish it up. This is just a quick post. Have some hurricane prep to do today.
  2. Dennis McQuillen

    WWII realtime twitter

    If you have a twitter account and are into WWII history you may want to follow RealtimeWWII. They are going to tweet each days history of WWII starting from the beginning (this last sept.) until the end of the war. They are on the Russian invasion of Finland now and will tweet several times a...
  3. Dennis McQuillen

    Trumpeter LAV-25

    This will be my first build here so why not make it one in a group build. I picked up a 1/35 Trumpeter LAV-25 at a local show a couple of months ago and decided to build it here. I will paint it in the 3 tone NATO scheme. Got the kit started today and here are some pics of my progress...
  4. Dennis McQuillen

    Hello from Florida

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I have built armor models for the most part, but I would like to branch out into other areas. I like the look of the site and have checked out some of the content and I like what I see. I look forward to spending some time here. Dennis