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  1. elend

    Colombo Express 1/700 Scale (Revell)

    So, I am currently building this freighter in 1/700 scale for my mate, who's job is to load these ships. The status on the pictures is straight out of the box at the moment. I just did the basic build up and am now trying to fiddle around with the incredible tiny 1/700 railing and stuff. I am...
  2. elend

    Space Garbage Truck 1/48 Scratchbuilt

    Hey mates! Here's my entry for the SMA modeling contest! Wait... what? It's over? I missed the deadline? By about 5 months? Oh noes! ;D Well, that Space Garbage Truck was originally my entry for the "Garbage" category of the SMA contest, but I missed the deadline. Yet I wanted to finish it...
  3. elend

    Star Wars Millenium Falcon Parts ID Guide

    I have found some cool japanese blog, where a guy identified nearly all (?) of the Falcon's parts, which ILM used back then. Even if you don't plan to scratchbuild a Millenium Falcon, it sure is an interesting sight!
  4. elend

    Starship Troopers "Rodger Young" (1:6875 Minimodelmadness)

    I once bought this very tiny (3.2") yet neat kit from It consisted of only 4 or 5 parts. Building it, was not an easy task, though. It's a recast of some older kit and quite a lot of flash had to be removed. There were also quite some bubbles in this tiny kit, which were hard to fill...
  5. elend

    Latest Purchase

    Post your latest additions to your kit collection here! I most recently bought the Fine Molds Falcon. Woo yay, I'd say! Hobby Link Japan currently has 30 % off of it. So I couldn't resist. >
  6. elend

    BAe Harrier GR Mk. 7 Mini-Diorama (Revell 1/144)

    Here's my second build ever. A 1/144 Harrier from Revell, which was a really cool kit. But honestly: I don't want to put something that tiny together ever again. Kudos to all 1/144 builders. The parts are sooo tiny. The decals are sooo tiny and everything is sooo fragile. Incredible. I took the...
  7. elend

    Alien Narcissus (original Halcyon, approx. 1/144)

    This is not my last model finished, but at least one of the latest. The original Halcyon kit of the Narcissus escape ship from Alien, which I modified here and there with styrene sheets, bits of random junk and wires. The nose was not completely rebuild, but I at least sanded it down until the...
  8. elend

    Scratchbulding a Banshee (Wing Commander IV)

    I am currently in the process of trying to scratchbuild a Banshee. The Banshee is a space ship from the well known Wing Commander IV game and it basically looks like this: Apart from the SMA EGGZtravaganza contest and some random boxes for a Harrier mini diorama, I have never ever...