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  1. phoenix

    1/25 White Freightliner

    So I have dozens of opened but untouched kits, most with a gameplan attached to them. Obviously, plans never go the way you expect. However, this cabover will pretty much adhere to my plan. I saw a real one the other day that was completely blacked out, wheels and all, with a flat black paint...
  2. phoenix

    WIP Tankvette (and Revell engine FAIL)

    So my latest kitbash is just stupid awesome. Tamiya Walker Bulldog and Revell 2 in 1 68 Corvette. I'm using the BIG engine, and let's see how many people can spot Revell's epic fail? I followed instructions for this engine, and ended up with a WTF moment. I fixed it by cutting apart the belt...
  3. phoenix

    Apocalyptic Peterbilt

    This was an extremely fun build. My favorite part is the napalm cannon; I used an axle from a "parts" kit, and some electronic bits, finally adding the styrene shield.
  4. phoenix

    Apocalyptic Ford F-150

    Just figured I'd share my truck. I have many more to share, and just figured out how to upload photos.
  5. phoenix

    Airbrush Basics..... I've been building models since I was a kid...but recently, after trying to recreate certain paint effects with rattlecans, and beginning experimentation with pigments, I realize I need an airbrush. I have very little knowledge on airbrushes and airbrush, in layman's terms, I...
  6. phoenix

    F101 Voodoo...can you spot my fatal error?

    I built this over a year ago, and made a fatal error...see if you can spot it? I'll give you a hint...I built it as an Air Force model, with A.F. decals, but there's an extra part that the Air Force doesn't utilize (at least not to my knowledge... [attachment deleted by admin]
  7. phoenix

    Crappy Revell Apache

    I was so pissed by the time I completed this kit, that I almost swore off Revell forever. NOTHING lined up, and all parts had to be processed one at a time. Ugh. I'm thinking maybe a good shotgun target? It looks great in the pics. The first pic is a process pic...I love white cheddar popcorn...
  8. phoenix

    Monogram 55, or 56 Ford F100

    Flat black paint, with real wood slats stained mahogany in the bed. I also upholstered the seat in black and grey. [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. phoenix

    AMT Bigfoot that's not a Bigfoot anymore

    I actually bought the Bigfoot as an unopened kit because I needed the instructions for the Snakebite kit which I got off ebay. I decided to build the Bigfoot using my husband's old truck as inspiration...hence the tiger stripes. The stripes are hand-painted on. I had to fill in the mufflers, as...
  10. phoenix

    Lindbergh Rammunition

    I will try to get pics up tonight...I mostly finished the Rammunition...still a couple things I want to tinker with. I painted it a matte metallic gray (it was supposed to be metallic black, but came out weird grey), and cut the decals down to just the Rammunition script. I mounted a set of guns...
  11. phoenix

    I want to make an oil slick...

    I'm yet again, resuming work on my diesel shop that I have my pigments, I have "pigmented" almost every model in my collection. Now, I'm wanting to make a moderate oil slick for under the wrecked truck in my diorama. How can I make one that doesn't look like one of those gag dog...
  12. phoenix

    Plans for a 1/24 or 1/25 semi trailer?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum (not new to modeling)...I am looking for plans to build a semi trailer: preferences to logging, curtain van, or lowboy. Anyone know where I can find instructions or plans?