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    Want a better view of the Ep7 X-Wing?

    Here you go...
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    Confidence boosters?

    So, as I get back into the swing of building models again, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on "confidence booster" kits. What's a confidence booster, you ask? Well, it should be a kit that is well engineered so that it doesn't provide much hassle during the build. You know - those...
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    Giving 'er another go!

    Hi, I'm ClumsyModeler. Perhaps you remember me from... Aww hell, I've never finished a model since I was 6! :o Since the last time I was active here, I got a new job and managed to piss away two years of my life while the new position slowly killed me inside. I distracted myself with my...
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    Wow, what a past few months those were!

    Hey everyone! Missed everybody and this forum, but the last two months were a complete whirlwind. Why'd I go AWOL? Well, I had an opportunity to jump to a new job fall out of the clear blue sky and land in my lap. Basically, I learned that my bosses at my last position were just nodding...
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    Tamiya Xanavi NISMO GT-R

    Here's my entry for this year. Going to build it out of box and just looking to participate and complete on time. Hoping to learn a lot, so let's see everyone's best efforts out there! ;)
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    WTB MPC/ERTL X-Wing canopy, cockpit and pilot

    Looks like I managed to lose the entire cockpit assembly for an almost-finished X-Wing build I started years and years ago. If you've got what I'm looking for, I'd be happy to purchase it from you (for a reasonable price, these kits are still available for approx. $20 shipped or less.) Let me...
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    A Clumsy Build: Star Wars Virago starfighter

    OK, this is my first build in about 6+ years. I decided I wanted to get back into scale modeling, but this time I'm working on actually completing my builds. I've got about 2-3 models, all very close to completion but I guess I got scared off of finishing them because I might not like the end...
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    It begins! (Again)

    Hello all! My name's Jon, and I'm an addict. My drug of choice is styrene, sometimes followed up with a hit of vinyl or resin. My typical dealers are on Sci-Fi Drive, Automotive Way and Aircraft Blvd. I'm thinking about scoping out Armor Lane and Helo Parkway for a new high. I've been...