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  1. Thundergod

    Halcyon Narcissus Escape Shuttle

    As well as my recent re-vamps of the Halcyon APC and Sulaco , I've also been reworking the Narcissus Shuttle . To cut a long story short , the model was originally abandoned 20-odd years ago when a faulty spray can caused the model to be flooded with thick , white enamel which at the time was...
  2. Thundergod

    Halcyon Colonial Marines M577 APC

    As I've been re-working my Halcyon "Aliens" models I originally built over 20 years ago , my attention has turned to the 1/35 scale APC . Although I considered adding L.E.D's and even converting the model to R.C , in the end I've gone for a straight forward re-paint . When I originally built the...
  3. Thundergod

    Halcyon Sulaco "Re-discovered"

    While taking stock of my collection/supplies etc , I came across my Halcyon "Alien(s)" models . Amongst them was the Sulaco , originally built and painted 20-odd years ago . The kit showed it's age and if I were to build it today , I'd do some things differently , but generally it didn't look...
  4. Thundergod

    Revell Galactica Releases

    I apologise if this question is one that has been asked ( and answered ) before , but does anyone know if there are plans for Revell to release any more "re-pops" of the Moebius Galactica kits , such as the "Centurion" figure and the Battlestar Pegasus ?
  5. Thundergod

    Trade Federation Tank Variants . AAT-SO , AAT-SG .

    Having enjoyed putting together the AAT , I thought I'd do another , but this time make it a variant . I call it the AAT-SO ( Armoured Assault Tank Special Ordnance ), a heavy weapons version of the Trade Republic Tank . I moved the gunner's hatch from the turret to the forward hull and added...
  6. Thundergod

    Chewbacca in 1/6 scale .

    A few years ago , I picked up a Hasbro 12" Chewbacca action figure off eBay and although Hasbro have done some nice figures in this scale , THIS wasn't one of them ! It languished in a box until recently , when I re-discovered it . As I'm waiting to re-stock some materials for my current builds...
  7. Thundergod

    Revell AAT ( Variant)

    I've put together this Trade Federation Tank Variant using the Revell "Easy-Kit" and some bits from the spares box . I call it the AAT-SO ( Special Ordnance) and see it as a "Heavy Weapons" version of the Tank . I didn't really plan the build , it just seemed to take on a life of it's own ! I...
  8. Thundergod

    Revell/Monogram Babylon 5 Starfurys

    Re-watching my Babylon 5 DVD Box Sets has prompted me to unearth my Revell Starfurys . They'd remained unfinished because I always intended to replace the kits awful guns with after-market replacements but I'd never gotten around to it . I've been using up some spare wood I've had lying around...
  9. Thundergod

    Stripping paint from vinyl models .

    Does anyone have any advice about stripping paint from vinyl models . I've had varying degrees of success at stripping styrene but so far when attempting to remove paint from vinyl , I've caused damage to the model . Any tips ? :-\
  10. Thundergod


    Not exactly a ground-breaking posting , but this is my MPC AT-ST which I recently rescued from my "bits-box" after languishing there for at least 20 years ! Some parts were missing and/or damaged so were replaced with a mixture of styrene , brass , wire etc. I didn't go for a super-detailing...
  11. Thundergod

    Issue with Revell Galactica Instructions .

    Sorry if this is "old news" , but I've come across a mistake with the instructions to the Revell "re-pop" of the ( modern era ) Galactica kit . The sheet tells you to cement both fuselage halves together and THEN join the completed "head" sub-assembly to the main body . Unfortunately the...
  12. Thundergod

    AMT 1/32 Scale ( Ex Pro Shop) X-Wing

    I've had the AMT Pro Shop Electronic X-Wing stored away for the best part of 10 years , since I abandoned the build as I wasn't impressed with the electronic features ( I thought they compromised the kit and were a little "toy-like" for my tastes ). I dug it out recently , as my building of the...
  13. Thundergod

    Anyone know the part number of Revell's Mk II Viper canopy ?

    Revell have responded to my enquiry about replacing the canopy from the MkII Viper , but they need the part number . It's either 34 or 36 . Can anyone clarify ?
  14. Thundergod

    Mark II Viper canopy needed .

    I know this is a bit of a long shot , but can anyone ( U.K if possible ) help me source a canopy for the Moebius/Revell Mark II Viper . I've emailed Moebius , but have yet to get a response and I've NEVER had any results when I've contacted Revell in the past , so I thought I'd take a chance...
  15. Thundergod

    Imperial Single Troop Aerial Platform in 1/6 Scale

    As a fan of the STAP from the Star Wars prequel movies , I thought it'd be an interesting project to conceptualise how the Empire would develop the vehicle . Rather than a combat craft , I see it being used more in a patrol or crowd control role . Certain alterations in design would have to be...
  16. Thundergod

    Revell AAT

    Another day , another Revell Star Wars kit ! As I recently added the AAT to the collection , I thought I'd stick to my pattern of giving it a little out-of-box "review" before building it up as a "proper" kit . First all , it has to be said , this isn't one of the best of the range . The last...
  17. Thundergod

    Revell Sith Infiltrator

    As well as the Revell Nu-Class Attack Shuttle , I also picked up their Sith Infiltrator from the same range , I'll not bore with the usual "bigging-up" of these models , as I end up doing that every time I post on the subject ! BUT , if you want to model Darth Mauls ship of choice , than you'd...
  18. Thundergod

    Republic Attack Shuttle ( Out of box overview).

    Having recently added to my collection of Revell Star Wars "Easy-Kits" , I thought I'd share a few pics of one "out of the box" . I build these kits as "regular" models , but can't resist putting them together to familiarise myself with the general build and to see what areas need what work etc...
  19. Thundergod

    Home Bargains Heads-Up !

    Just a heads-up for UK modellers with access to a "Home Bargains" store . They're selling a good selection of the most recent Revell Star Wars "Easy-Kits" for £6.99 . My local shop had the Republic Attack Shuttle , the Sith Infiltrator , the AAT , Grevious' Fighter as well as the older ARC-170...
  20. Thundergod

    Revell Millenium Falcon "Easykit" .

    I've had this Revell Falcon "Easykit" for quite a while , but had it stored away as it was missing a few parts ( I picked it up for a quid at a car boot sale ). As I've recently located the missing bits , I thought I'd give it a little attention . First though , I'd like to say that this isn't...