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  1. Maknifiso

    Spuds 1/20 Wave Ketzer

    Great stuff Spud. Nice welds and cast texture on the shield/rear cover. Good job on the power hose mod. Saves having to score spring sets from HLJ ;) Also in doing it that way you keep the true coil shape intended By Kow sensei.
  2. Maknifiso

    Wave 1/20 Ketzer build up

    Killer Ketzer Mr. N 8) I dig the heavy texture and scuff marks. Nice dark dirty look to the camo too. Keep up the great work.
  3. Maknifiso

    MaschinenKrieger Raptor build

    Great start Baron! The little clear piece is for the hatch lens if you did not already figure it out ;) Ma.K on!
  4. Maknifiso

    Wave 1/20 Ketzer build up

    Hey great progress! Nice heavy texture. Hey as far as what i was saying about the welds its totally a matter of what you like and That is all that matters ;)
  5. Maknifiso

    Wave 1/20 Ketzer build up

    Hey great build so far Mr. N ;) Glad to see some Ma.K. love. Just a side note, the arms swing down when the suit is open and that area would not be welded. Hey, but that's like rivet counting so go on good sir ;D
  6. Maknifiso

    A tale of two A-wings.....

    Excellent stuff Grendels! Keep up the great vids too!
  7. Maknifiso

    DL-44 ANH blaster prop

    Man this thing is lookin sweet man! 8) I bet the heft is insane!
  8. Maknifiso

    Merseajohn's BCI Resin 1/36 Tie Fighter

    Super good! Excellent paint!
  9. Maknifiso

    1/35 X-wing - Forced perspective Diorama

    This is crazy! awesome progress too!
  10. Maknifiso

    Maschinen Krieger Series MK-31 GANS Panzer Aufkalarungs SK602

    Right on thanks Shweinhund227! Thanks Biskup! this is one of the coolest designs IMO. Thank you very much Igard! Thanks Panzer! have you built one? you should give it a go if you haven't there a blast!
  11. Maknifiso

    Scout Trooper Project ( a look back )

    Wow! Excellent work and presentation schweinhund227! :o
  12. Maknifiso

    Maschinen Krieger Series MK-31 GANS Panzer Aufkalarungs SK602

    Thanks Merseajohn! I think i need a medal for the longest project ever.. started in 2009! Hey Mr.natural, Thanks man. I hope you do. This is a super fun and challenging kit. One of my favs for sure. Thanks Scott! That's a huge compliment. You rock! :) Right on Grendels! Thank you Fubar, Ma.K...
  13. Maknifiso

    Maschinen Krieger Series MK-31 GANS Panzer Aufkalarungs SK602

    Howdy forum! Long time no post from me..So i make it up this year with much models :D Here is My recently finished Ma.K GANS. All hand paint with Mr color/G-notes paints. Finished with Doc O's dry pigments and WN artist oils. Plaster base with Matt gel, dirt, twigs and WS static grass. Hope you...
  14. Maknifiso

    1/35 X-wing - Forced perspective Diorama

    Great progress Scott! Smooth airbrush work going on there ;) This will look great weathered.
  15. Maknifiso

    WAVE S.A.F.S. Snowman Staff Sergeant David Woodwards

    Re: "The Show Must Go On!" Re-painting decals, ID Bands and orangey bits! Fantastic Snowman Linc! But..... you hear that from me once a week ;D I must say you are a huge inspiration for me... Fantastic pictures BTW..I've been meaning to say.
  16. Maknifiso

    Ertl AT-AT

    Great Start Mike!
  17. Maknifiso

    Studio Scale A-wing (FINISHED)

    Killer A-wing!
  18. Maknifiso

    AMT Eagle Transporter-FINISHED

    Great job Q, I like the weathering.
  19. Maknifiso

    [REVISITED] Spitfire Down!

    Re: [WIP] Spitfire Down! Spitfire Down! Rocking vid as always, Killer Tilly! Keep up the good work ;)
  20. Maknifiso

    U.S.S. Thunderchild

    Looking good grendals 8)