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    "Spectre" Strike Noir - 1/144

    Spectre - a ghost from the Bloody Valentine, only Mobile Suit left for OMNI remnants, originaly 3rd unit of Strike Noir later upgraded by Aktaion industries to bring closer the goals of Phantom Pain, to eradicate all spacenoids. Now chased by ZAFT special forces, hiding in base located in...
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    New kits?

    ow... shoot: :-\ too bad i snap-fit all my gunpla imidietly when package arrives oh well - on to the ALL OPEN categry ;D ;D
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    [X-bone] 1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam ver.Ka

    My first finished project of 2011, seems like modeling break was a bad idea after all... But i'm happy with this build, mainly because of 2 new techniques :P Anyway let's stop talking and on to the pictures and the video as that is what we are here for, right? and some eye candy in form...
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    decaled, panel lined, and worked some on the dio: more at Zyncium Factory ps. sorry for not writing a proper update - kidna busy with work
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    thx guys! I realy appricate it ;] another update, dio works and more
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    just a sneak peak more at my blog
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    just a liltle update after first coat of paint. it is still to cold for me to paint with an airbrush so back to handpainting, and as many of you know handpainting white sucks, therefore I changed colour scheme a little. For the violet i mixed Agama 05M Blue and 42M Dark Red, that's not the...
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    Hi evryone! Did some work on mr. Bone, inner frame is painted, holes filled, parts sanded, chest piece is giving me some troubles but I have evrything under control now. I'm thinking of adding more colours to the inner frame, on the other hand it won't be visible anyway... maybe... I got...
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    due to enexpected matters I have to take a break from modeling, don't know for how long...I will try to still be active in the forums guys
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    Mecha Entries and Discussions

    Could you plese move it from WIP section in "You're so sapced out" -,1555.0.html it's right there. Please?
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    Mecha Entries and Discussions

    I AM working on the crossbone gundam, the thing is that life has a funny habit to strike with something whenever I think I will have some free time... anyway I will finish it till Januray 1st (i just hope that life doesn't hear/read that sentence - or it will get ugly) :P
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    Mecha Entries and Discussions

    can I still join with my just started Crossbone?,1555.0.html I don't know how I missed this thread but I did...
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    Crossbone Gundam [X-bone]

    First thing first I'm a great fan of Crossbone Gundam, I realy liked the manga and mecha designs. Ver. Ka is one of my fav kits - even knowing that it has some problems - in the end model kit for me is not a toy it's more of a display piece IMO. Now, there is so many versions of Crossbone that...
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    SD Kanpei

    Newest finished kit: SD BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanpei. I did this one for SD contest on M.A.C. Forums. Extended arms, legs,waist. Added torso joint, sharpened head crest/V-fin, gold is painted using laquer spray paint, on thop of that Tamiya clear green, to get gold details I used reverse wash...
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    time for Exia

    Comtinuing from where I left off - Exia time! part 4Exia time! part 4 I know I said there won't be any heavy mods, but that was in the middle of april... Now exia would look to much like Qan[T] so decided to to go all out. I got inspirition from a song, wonder if you can guess what song :P I...
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    HGUC Haezl II [Recon]

    Finaly completed. My first airbrushed kit, will be a part of bigger dio but for now here it is: lot more pics HERE
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    MG Exia [REAPER]

    thx guys! the base was quite simple, first main shape with styrofoam and metal foil (the one you use when cooking), secondly covered that with paper towels dipped in future (sidolux in poland) after that I mixed some sand with wood glue aplied that, mixed some more, diluted it with water...
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    [GE UC Group Build] Hazel Team T4

    I started from Hazel II, this will be a recon suit in the team so I need to make more sensors and stuff like that. For paint scheme I'm thinkng about using slightly modified Titans Test Team color scheme with maybe digital camo (only for this one) to meak it more stealth-like looking and yellow...
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    MG Exia [REAPER]

    not much to say about it. most important is taht this kit is INCOMPLETE, it's missing something and I don't know what, I may revisit it in the future, more about it on my blog more and bigger pictures here
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    Gundam XXXG-01SR2 - Bandai - 1/100

    loogs great man! may I ask where are you from? looking at the name I think I may have found fellow Polish gunpla modeler :D