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  1. elend

    Merseajohn's FM millennium falcon 1.72

    Gooorgeous! ;D
  2. elend

    Merseajohn's FM millennium falcon 1.72

    Aw man. There are sooo many Falcons out there, but I really love seeing them. Can't get enough of the falcon. Great build so far. ;D
  3. elend

    What I like about modelling

    A couple of years ago my hobby was gaming. Videogames like those on the Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Playstation, you name it. But I got more and more bored by those. With scale modeling I accidentally found a new hobby, which gives me more moments of success and joy. Quite similiar to...
  4. elend

    Merseajohn's FM millennium falcon 1.72

    Yes, this will be a very nice Millenium Falcon. You have some nice weathering skills there.
  5. elend

    Red Tail - Cowboy Bebop - Bandai - 1/72

    Hey, that's a nice one. Reminds me of those "Power Up" pods out of old shooting games. ;D Great canopy.
  6. elend

    MG Mobile Suit: Rick Dias (Quattro's)

    Yeah, very nice discreet weathering as well. Awesome build!
  7. elend

    "New Scool" Viper Mk. II

    Very great. Lovely amount of weathering. Nice base, as well..
  8. elend

    Moonbase Alpha-Finished

    Very nice - and fast - build! Great work.
  9. elend

    Studio Scale Cylon Raider

    Didn't think that tape will look that good on the raider. Very nice.
  10. elend

    Moonbase Alpha-Finished

    Coming along very nicely!
  11. elend

    T-800 Terminator 15" Arnold figure (battle damaged)

    Woow, that is some truly delicate work on the gun! Quite incredible. :o
  12. elend

    Built in a week (Endo arm)

    Wow, very tiny. Great work especially at that size in that timeframe. :o
  13. elend

    Things you have "borrowed"

    Well... my girlfriend's "Hello Kitty" nail file. :P
  14. elend

    Built in a week (Endo arm)

    Looks quite great indeed! How big is it though? I know it's 1/6 scale, but... do you have some milimeters for me? ;D
  15. elend

    Studio Scale Cylon Raider

    Love the dark grey "racing decals". This will be a fabulous model.
  16. elend

    Revell 1/72 U-Boot Typ VIIC Atlantikversion

    Wow, looks gorgeous. Very well done. Great paintjob.
  17. elend

    T-62 PE (so far)

    Wow, how do you drill the holes that straight?! I would have drilled crooked holes in it, thus making it look very weird once the wire is in. Well done, looks gorgeous.
  18. elend

    Impressions from Toy Fair, Nürnberg, Germany

    Now those boat dioramas look very nice. Too bad it's too straight forward on the base. Nice water, though.
  19. elend

    Cool Game Trailers......

    Oh yes! That's exactly what I thought as well. There are way too many mediocre Kids CGI movies out there. Why not try a more mature fantasy one? The quality is absolutely top notch and can compare with anything Hollywood produces. But I guess everyone remembers Final Fantasy and how that movie...
  20. elend

    Colombo Express 1/700 Scale (Revell)

    Before you do so, check out of tiny the railing in 1/700 is. Maybe you'll think different then. ;D