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  1. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Hasbro 1/6 Boba Fett Repaint

    Greetings, fellow addicts So, I've had this figure sitting on my bench for the better part of four years with nothing to do. I have always thought that this was one of the better attempts by Hasbro to do a 12 inch figure but thought the paint job could be done better than the stenciled paint...
  2. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    AMT Vinyl Han Solo Figure.

    Hey there, Fellow Addicts! I have procrastinated on getting the final pics ready for my contest entry. I finished the Slave-1 at the end of last month, and yet here I am late again to get it in under the deadline. Regardless, I have another model..or a figure that I painted. I actually...
  3. ScreamingSamuraiStudio


    Well, I have been procrastinating on the Slave-1 and jumped on to this one. Most of my time has been dedicated to resetting some decal sheets I downloaded from the SSM website. A set of decals by noted forum alumni, Carlos Zangrando. On my YouTube channel, I spoke about the lack of the aztec...
  4. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    The Fine Molds Slave-1: My entry for the 2012 SMA Spring Contest

    My Entry for the 2012 SMA Contest will be the Fine Molds Slave-1. I think this will be the perfect book end piece for my Millennium Falcon. And one more pic to clarify that I have not begun anything on this kit.
  5. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    U.S.S. Impervious

    Hey there, Fellow Addicts I pulled a model out of moth balls a few days ago..This is the Defiant by AMT from the show Deep Space Nine. Instead of going with the designation from the show I decided to go with a creation of my own called the Impervious. Originally, this was going to be my entry...
  6. ScreamingSamuraiStudio


    Alight, I may be a little late again jumping on this band wagon, but I do have something to show. I'm working on this one primarily straight out of the box with only minor accurizing and scratch building on my part. I am adding lights and this will be the center piece for a proposed...
  7. ScreamingSamuraiStudio


    Greetings nerds Jumping back into the world of models..I have the millennium falcon cut-away kit from AMT. I'm doing this one warts and all out of the box with a few added details. I hope to try to scratch build my first parts..there's no telling how far I will get on this. Anyway...I have...
  8. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Revell Anakin's starfighter

    Hey, Lookie folks I actually sat down and worked on a model this week! This one is a revell pre painted kit, but as usual..the mass produced paint scheme went right out of the door. No work in progress shots of this, but here is the end result. This will also be the sample used for a...
  9. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Another Hasbro A-Wing

    Alrighty, fellas This is my second attempt on a Hasbro A-Wing, nothing modded or converted except the addition of lights again. This is another project that I've had gathering dust on the bench for quite some time already and just stalled. The cockpit has an updated sculpt and totally...
  10. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Hasbro B-Wing

    Greetings, Fellas I've been gone for a bit..I took about a year off to just clear my head. When you build nothing but sci-fi, eventually you just run out of kits to build. In my case, I wasn't sticking the landing quite the way I intended towards the end of a more than a few of my...
  11. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Hasbro Snowspeeder

    I REALLY need to update my equipment. I have a super digital camera sitting in the closet with a rattling piece inside after my girlfriend dropped it. Mind you, it was my fault, I left the bag open. But there it lies. Anyway, I got a few detail shots in low res for you here and a quickie...
  12. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Hasbro Snowspeeder

    Hey, I'm back. Crawling out from under the proverbial rock to hit the bench again. I think I burned myself out a little on the model building, but I took the summer off and I'm ready to jump back on the wagon. Like Lindsay Lohan and a bag of meth, if it's in the's gonna get...
  13. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    U.S.S. Impervious

    Okay, so I asked the question on Youtube, so I guess I'll be the first then. I have pics coming later today, but I'm working on the 420 scale AMT/Ertl Defiant. The only work that I have done so far is just filing out the windows on the bottom of the hull and the spots for the running and...
  14. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Hasbro Scale A-Wing

    Okay, this one was inspired by a couple of folks on the internet. First one was ModelKitBuilder and his Darth Vader Tie, and the second was the fair and lovely ModelManTom and his resin 1/24 scale A-Wing. I'm not gonna run through a thousand posts with a work in progress, but I do have a...
  15. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    AMT Slave-One

    My back pack has jets...I bounty hunt for jabba hutt to finance my vette.. anyway, here's another one I smashed together in a couple of weeks. I thought I was pretty much done with this one till a couple of lights burned out inside. But here are the work in progress pics...
  16. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    1/350 polar Lights Enterprise Refit

    Greetings, Y'all This one has been going for a few months and on while I worked on other projects or just tried to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to start it. I've already had a few missteps but things have begun to progress very nicely with this model...
  17. ScreamingSamuraiStudio


    So, I just discovered Arthur Pendragon's free Star Trek Aztec templates. They seem easy to use and with a little trim work, they seem like they will work on your kits. The only problem is..they're low res. I'm NOT plagiarizing or taking from his work here, but I just want to have a nice...
  18. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Polar Lights 1/1000 NX-01 Enterprise

    Okay, so I started this one at the beginning of May while on vacation in New Orleans. It's been a slow process for such a small kit, but I've also been taking my time with this one...And I've talked about this little devil on another thread..I decided to light this kit and totally disregard...
  19. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Question on power

    So..I'm basically a monkey playing with fire for the first time. I've had some mild trial and error with my half finished projects, so far. But I got my kit wired up with about five LEDs. And I thought I got a battery pack large enough to support the lights. And it worked great for about an...
  20. ScreamingSamuraiStudio

    Polar Lights 1/1000 Classic Enterprise

    Okay well... This one was done for my boss. And brown nosing going on...we still fight and argue..but we are all trekkers at the office. And since the new movie was coming out, this was done. and then the self glorifying photshopped shot..