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    Hey Rob, I used 3D decals from Quinta Studio... And I agree with Black Sheep, I should add a flat clearcoat and some weathering. However, the issue with weathering is to know how much. This is why I am always a bit hesitant.
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Anyone has any idea what went wrong and why the VMS varnish reacted as such?
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    It was.. but not any more with the decal problems.... tried to remove the decals and its a mess.... heading to the bin
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Forgot to add that after I applied the decals, I waited 2 days before doing the light weathering and then wait again 3 days before applying the varnish...
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    And the problems after the VMS varnish. White marks and decal issues (there was not silvering before applying the VMS varnish)
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  8. IMG_6862.jpg


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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Here after final paint and VMS varnish (problems on following pics). looking "ok" from far
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Here after primer and pre shading
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Gents, Got a major issue while finishing the Takom Apache kit.. After painting and light weathering, I applied a coat of VMS Matt varnish.... and got the decals pealing and white marks appearing.... I used: Primer: Mr Hobby, finishing surfacer 1500 black Paint: AK real color Halo green thinned...
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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    And the radar
  15. Elec boxes below radar.jpg

    Elec boxes below radar.jpg

  16. Radar.jpg


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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Chain gun
  18. Chain Gun 2.jpg

    Chain Gun 2.jpg

  19. Chain Gun 1.jpg

    Chain Gun 1.jpg

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    Apache AH-64E - Takom

    Tail rotor