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    Your Modeling Routine

    Really clean, I like your glasses holder as well.
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    Your Modeling Routine

    Laconic wasn't an insult, but if that's how you took it, then it is what it is.
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    Your Modeling Routine

    Very Laconic!
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    Your Modeling Routine

    Well thank ya. I use the splotches alot to see what I can get away with for various models, to avoid buying a one off paint for a particular model. And also to see what they look like dry!
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    Your Modeling Routine

    Thanks for sharing! Used to enjoy the house smelling of flavored tobaccos.
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    Your Modeling Routine

    Well it's only a mancave if no women allowed....the wife's area is a few feet away...she's a Resiner
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    Great forum

    Hahahaha damn didn't even think of Pantherman
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    DIY stuff from leftovers?

    I would like to do more but most of the time it's for replacement parts, happen last night in fact.
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    Your Modeling Routine

    Hey I was just wondering if yous guys have a routine or ritual. For example I have to have smokes, Monster drink, and music playing when I model. You know, me time sorta's where the magic magic I mean frustration, confusion and "where the $#@% is that (fill in the...
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    Good to have ya here
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    Hello from SF.

    Hello from MS! Go Niners!
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    Great forum

    You picked a real nice forum to join...a lot of cool cats and kittens around here.
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    Hi folks.

    Hidey Ho good sir!
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    Tamiya Me-262 A1

    I appreciate it
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    Tamiya Me-262 A1

    All finished, a little more weathered than I was planning, but this 262 definitely saw service with the famous JV44, so it is what it is.
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