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    New to Models.. 64' Impala noob build

    The chrome foil went on ez Here is a 66 Nova I'm building now This is a BMW 745Li runs perfect and my lil brother bought it for only six grand at a dealer auction
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    New to Models.. 64' Impala noob build

    Carpet effect down with flock method using black gloss acrylic as base coat Baremetal foil on exhaust tips mufflers and foot pedals. I need to do exterior trim in foil still. Maybe the silver part of the seats aswell
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    New to Models.. 64' Impala noob build

    Hope this isn't too many pictures in one thread... Here is where I am now. I'm not sure I like it
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    Mans Ruin 1950 chevy pickup with a party trailer

    Very cool. Nice choice of ride too I dig it. ;)
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    1/12 Tamiya Ducati 1199 Panigale S

    I found some built bike models to look IRL and turns out I need to keep it all 1/12 and tamiya makes nice bikes in that scale fyi
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    1/12 Tamiya Ducati 1199 Panigale S

    I like my cars n bikes to be similar scale...does that mean I have tobfind 1\24 bikes or would one this size look right next to a 1\24 model? Dry hope I'm not hijacking just curious cuz I want to order a motorcycle kit asap.
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    GMC pick-up

    I almost bought this kit but wasn't I'm wishing I had. The one image they give us never does justice. Very cool rustic look man that looks so real its crazy. I want make it super clean and put nice wheels n mud tires on it in like a scale 33" or 35" tire
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    Introducing: Blasphemy

    Such a rad idea :D
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    Egyptian Raider Pick up

    Interesting... Weird as all he!! But cool nunthales
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    New to Models.. 64' Impala noob build

    These are the kits I have coming. I have 06' STi with same work wheels i got for it but im anticipating the Hilux double cab the most , not gonna lie. Charger comes with hemi 426 and a 440 motor and engine stands... Thats cool And parts.... I bought sum limited edition...
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    New to Models.. 64' Impala noob build

    Work has been demanding but it will get better soon and i can spend more time but for now i ordered some models I want to build over next month+. Progress on the 64' Foose Impala is coming along. Everything is prepped for paint i just need my flock fibers to get here usps I blacked out the...
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    New to Models.. 64' Impala noob build

    I ordered several models by fujimi, aoshima, amt and revell that I can not wait to build but first wanted to practice/learn on this localy bought revell foose edition 64' impala. Color i chose is nickel brushed metalic by krylon colormaster its 2n1 primer plus paint can. Then use krylon triple...
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    Subaru BRZ STi by Aoshima!!

    Dry I'm new and this is old thread but what polish did you use and what grit wetsand paper
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    Fujimi Initial D series S13 Nissan Silvia

    I ordered the tamiya kit that looks identical to this kit. I wonder if its the same thing. Anyone know? Good job BTW the car looks great. I love the flocking
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    Honda Civic ek9- Fujimi

    How did the build go? I got a fujimi sti on the way so I'm little curious how fujimi go n finish..quality
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    1965 Chevelle

    Holy cow that's rad. Care to share details?
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    First build ever!

    Awesome idea on the bed. Luv the green color. What brand of paint are you using?