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  1. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Missing Part

    Do you have a spare parts stash? If so, you might find one there. In the meantime, let me check my spare parts stash. I “might” have something but let me look tonight when I have a bit of down time and ge back to you.
  2. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    Aside from the flash, everywhere. One set of booms with separate cowl is fine. The other boom looked emancipated - doesn’t look right or correct. Even the figures looked like they’ve been through a famine and yet had anything to eat. Some parts were warped. It was then, I decided to put it out...
  3. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    I have used the wrong putty?

    I couldn’t understand why he did that as well. You’re filling in the gaps, not changing the wings stance. Leave it alone once the gaps are filled in after sanding it down.
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    Great score on the autograph!
  5. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Hi, I'm happy to be here

    Cool your jets! My mistake… I meant SuperClean. Geez… NEVER assume I got info from another person! And FU to tell me to block and never interact with them! @$$hole……
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    There are numerous metallics out there. Gunze/Mr. Color, AK Interactive, Vallejo, Alclad. I have 2 bottles of Testors Metalizer colors left: Non-Buff Aluminum Dark Adonic Grey I love Model Master paints but was sad and disappointed Rustoleum made the decision to stop production of Model...
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    Hi, I'm happy to be here

    Oven cleaner works too. I used to spray the kit in a plastic bin and close the cover. Smelly & toxic smell. I usually will spray outdoors then cover the lid. Leave it for a couple days and rinse with soap and water and let dry. I’ve heard Purple Power also works...
  8. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    Misery loves company… ROFLMAO!!! Have a go at it. My Revell P-61 Black Widow has already met the Flak hammer a couple years ago. Not a pretty sight. LOLOLOL!
  9. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    Hi, I'm happy to be here

    Welcome. I did the Revell A-10 Warthog and it’s not a bad kit. I once had the Tamiya but that kit got stolen from me years ago - most likely one of the tech guys from Roto Rooter who saw it in plain view in my cellar where they were working. Along with that kit was a 1/144 scale B-52...
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    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    Better tooling in a Hobby Boss kit than Revell.
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    Great forum

    Me negative? AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!,! You don’t know me well enough to label me a “negative”. Come to SPAM and see for yourself. I only speak my mind here. I wouldn’t call that negative. If you can’t deal with the truth or too worried that your feelings matters (as they like to promote that over in...
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    Great forum

    Spamodeler site has fixed their glitch since a couple months back. Running smoothly now.
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    Tamiya paint question (XF-17 & XF-8)

    AS-19 is Intermediate Blue (FS35164) Therefore, you want to use XF-18 Medium Blue. Other paint brand to use: Humbrol 144 Gunze 56 Testors 1720 (enamel), 4744 (Model Master acrylic… if you have any on hand) AK Interactive Real Color 11341
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    BB 64 Wisconsin

    I did the Revell USS Missouri kit during the pandemic. I really want to find the old vintage Revell ship kits from the 70s; especially the aircraft carriers like Saratoga, Kitty Hawk, Nimitz, Enterprise, Indepedence…
  16. BlackSheepTwoOneFour

    USS Texas BB-35 1/350

    Nice! I went to the USS Nautilus submarine museum in Connecticut years ago. I would have wanted to go on USS Intrepid carrier in NYC when I went to Ellis Island years ago.
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    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    I’m gonna pass on this one since mine has already met the Flak hammer. ROFL!
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    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    Sometimes GB do tend to go off on the wayside and end up being inactive because well…. it gets boring after a while and they stop participating. Not all that uncommon to see that happen from time to time.
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    Great forum

    This is a good forum to join. Great? Depends. Spamodeler is one I’m loyal to and no…. it’s not idle, defunct, and definitely not inactive. Plenty of action every single day. A lot of former FSM members made SPAM their forever home. No pop up ads at all unlike FSM and here. Yes, there are...
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    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    That’s basically it what Pantherman mentioned. I’ve done a few GBs in another forum I belong to. I’m hosting one now as we speak and it’s getting a lot of action.