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    Tale of two er… three airspeeders

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    Tale of two er… three airspeeders

    Thank you!
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    Tale of two er… three airspeeders

    Holy moly! I finally finished this project. Just as a refresher: These are T-47 Landspeeders from Empire Strikes Back, but in different schemes inspired by different historical subjects: Desert - inspired by a Bf-109 in N Africa Swamp/Forest - Inspired by an F-16 in "Lizard" aggressor camo...
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    ATOM Paint Reference

    I have seen this before. The *only* reason I don't rely on this is I find it almost impossible to read. I am open to any tips on what I might be doing wrong. Also, does it include new paints and paint references?
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    ATOM Paint Reference

    The holy grail would be to get a MRP reference that links back to Tamiya or Mr Color so I could add it here. I have never found one though.
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    ATOM Paint Reference

    Here is just a link to the sheet, rather than an embed
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    ATOM Paint Reference

    FURTHER UPDATE: I have realized that I am just about the only human in the USA who gives a shit about ATOM paints. but since I do, I am having a heck of a time finding references. So I took the content of that PDF I posted and made a google sheet. Now I can take other references and build on...
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    ATOM Paint Reference

    I think ATOM is more likely to convert (if it converts anyone) from other water based acrylics like Vallejo or the old Mig acrylics. SO far, I have been hearing that people like me who use the other acrylics, these are an improvement. But compared to the paints you mentioned, or lacquers like...
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    Tamiya Corsair - let' try this again

    It might be at the landfill by now.
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    Arma Hobby 1:48 scale Hurricane

    Does anyone know where the right landing gear strut went?