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  1. blakeh1

    Col Olds's F-4C Phantom

    Great subject Is this the 1/72 kit?
  2. blakeh1

    BB 64 Wisconsin

    Looks good! I love those quick out of the box builds. I really should do them more often and not worry about adding lighting or using upgrade kits etc... since I never get them done
  3. blakeh1

    SDKFZ 163 Sturmgeschulz IV

    Very nice photo etch set. Lots of work, but details are worth it
  4. blakeh1

    1/48 Academy CH-46 A/D

    Fantastic details Those upgrades and scratched [arts make a world of difference
  5. blakeh1

    Romulan Bird of Prey by AMT

    Excellent work!
  6. blakeh1

    Panzer 3 ausf d

    Looks great!
  7. blakeh1

    True IJN Akagi Flight Deck Color?

    for reference regarding burnt umber vs raw umber Also something for consideration if using oils is you need a thinner/cleaner. I would suggest Weber's Odorless Turpenoid. I have found that to be the mildest as far as reactions to Tamiya paints or certain types of plastics (like Bandai's) vs...
  8. blakeh1

    True IJN Akagi Flight Deck Color?

    and this shot supposedly from a plane that had just taken off sometime around 1942 (before it had the red sun painting on the deck during the battle of Midway) Again, this most likely a touched up post colorized photo
  9. blakeh1

    True IJN Akagi Flight Deck Color?

    Just seeing this now From what I remember reading, the flight deck was bare wood (probably with some kind of clear sealant) so basically your looking for the general color of lumber for something newer, and then a bit greyer as it gets older. I think the Deck Tan is a good starting point and...
  10. blakeh1

    1/700 Japanese Aircraft Carrier Akagi

    Yep, that is the one I use it mostly for figure painting as a skin tone wash, but found it useful here Just make sure to really thin it down as it is a very strong color as in it is better to do some very very light washes and build up
  11. blakeh1

    1/700 Japanese Aircraft Carrier Akagi

    Thanks color for the flight deck was indeed Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan The deck tan by itself seemed too pristine and "new" looking so I then gave it a very thinned wash of Burnt Sienna oils as well as a more selective and thinned wash using P3 brown wash (really kind of a rusty reddish brown) and...
  12. blakeh1

    1/350 USS Yorktown CV-10 1944

    I have that old Linberg Tirpitz as well as the CV-% Yorktown in the 1/530 scale or close to it The Yorktown was even motorized. Used to use them as toys when I was a kid
  13. blakeh1

    Modelsvit Bf-109 D1

    Love the paint job!
  14. blakeh1

    WWII Pacific Navy aircraft in 1/72

    Back at it with the Academy Helldiver. Unlike the previous posts, I will try to show more of the build process in case anyone is interested in picking up these kits The interior is nicely detailed for a 1/72 kit, on the level of some of the better Tamiya stuff The photoetch is including in...
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