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  1. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    Calling this one done!!! I've had enough of it! lol Not all has gone smoothly or to plan, but I cannot get the front body to fit well. the gaps are huge and theres a small twist to the part. And...the hinge mounting is ridiculous. The too short pins don't line up with the holes in the chassis...
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  12. airdave

    Masters of the Air

    To be honest, haven't B17 films been done to death? How about a Band of Brothers style series about B-24s. For me, they were the work force of USAF. Faster than B17, longer range, and more bomb capacity. Less guns. More B24s produced. More lost. B24 crews were the true Masters of the Air.
  13. airdave

    Revell PT boat

    I can't remember the original source I used for the lower hull coating, but this is the colour: ...................... For reference, in case it is of any help to you... I have a few photos of PT588, and this appears to be paint scheme. These patterns were...
  14. pt588 camo.jpg

    pt588 camo.jpg

  15. adw-PT103 1-48 gray model (2).jpg

    adw-PT103 1-48 gray model (2).jpg

  16. airdave

    Masters of the Air

    Masters of the Air. Forgotten it already. Unlike Band of Brothers and The Pacific which I still remember and can't wait to watch again for the third time. Either Masters of the Air wasn't very memorable or just not that good. While I agree, the little details about B17 interiors and what the...
  17. airdave

    1/144 PT boats

    While I offer a "McHales Navy PT73" conversion kit for my Elco 80ft Class103 PT Boat (paper) model kit, the real PT73 was in fact an old Higgins Motorboat. PT109 was a Class103 Elco. Just thought ya might like to know. lol I know of some very small scale paper model PT Boats if you are...
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  19. PT103 disrupt (1).JPG

    PT103 disrupt (1).JPG

  20. airdave

    Revell PT boat

    Watching this with much interest. 588 was a Class103 Elco 80ft, and that belt strip is a flat/wide strip of wood. Imagine a 1"x3" the full length of the boat. There is another just below the deck overhang. 588 was one of the last Elcos built, and had many new gadgets. Its also one of the very...