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  1. the Baron

    Tamiya paint question (XF-17 & XF-8)

    Out of the jar, XF-18 is closer to the blue-grey in the US Navy's early WWII camo scheme, and close to AS-12, too. I use AS-12 for that color, too. XF-17 is a little darker than either AS-12 or XF-18. But looks like you've got a handle on it. It depends on whether you worry more about exact...
  2. the Baron

    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    That Airfix kit is 1/72 scale, though, if I'm not mistaken. If guys are going complain about Monogram's old technology and poor fit, they're not going to want to build the old Airfix Black Widow.
  3. the Baron

    Revell P61, waiting for the hammer to fall

    Yep, pretty much, Monogram tooled the P-61 45, 50 years ago? Though it's well-detailed for the mid-Seventies, yeah, not the same level of detail the more recent HB kit, or Great Wall.
  4. the Baron

    Hi folks.

    Welcome to the Herd. Spiralcity! I'm on Finescale, too, yeah, the ongoing issue with their host causing 504 errors makes the forum almost unusable. I look forward to seeing your builds! Best regards, Brad
  5. the Baron

    Just a Thought about Airplane Canopies

    Some airplane kits are engineered that way. I'm thinking of a 1/48 P-51D kit that had the bubble separate from the bottom frame. I think there's at least 1 P-47D bubbletop that was made that way, too, and maybe a Hawker Typhoon. It's not unheard of. But we need to remember that it takes some...
  6. the Baron

    Getting back into aircraft modeling leading up to an end project

    Welcome to the Herd, Swimmingrod! If you want to build the Monogram P-61 (not Revell, regardless of the logo on the box), then look for an old boxing, as others have suggested. The "white box" boxing was the first, back in the mid-70s. The box was overall white, with a photo of the built...
  7. the Baron


    Second that. Like Pantherman, I'll cut as much of the clear carrier film away as I can. It's to reduce silvering as much as possible. You get air trapped under the film, in the tiny pits and pockets in the surface. That's why many modelers apply a gloss coat before decaling, to fill those...
  8. the Baron

    BB 64 Wisconsin

    Nice finish! Even for the level of quality of its time, you got a nice model. Speaking of the Wisconsin and her history, wasn't it she who damaged her bow in a collision, and was repaired with the bow from one of the unfinished Iowas, the Kentucky, I think it was?
  9. the Baron

    BB 64 Wisconsin

    OK, I have a followup...looking at Atlantis' website, I see they have an Iowa kit, too, and listed at 1/535. That one has got to be the Revell kit. This one must come from a different maker, but I still think it's a contemporary of Revell's kit and dates back to those first plastic...
  10. the Baron

    BB 64 Wisconsin

    If I'm not mistaken, that is the old (1955?) Revell Missouri, which Revell reboxed as each of the Iowas, over the years. It was one of Revell's first ship kits. It reflects the technology and expectations of its time. Atlantis lists it as 1/665 scale, though, whereas Revell listed the kit at...
  11. the Baron

    Looking for information on 1960-1970 model

    Welcome to the Herd, Spica! I recommend Scalemates as well. A lot of people have contributed to it and uploaded content. I was born in the middle of your target years, and I can remember some space station models, but not that clearly. I'm thinking of Revell, but I don't think their kits fit...
  12. the Baron


    Welcome to the Herd, Rob! I built those when I was a kid, too, and another drag racer but whose it was, I've long forgotten. I grew up on Monogram armor and airplanes, and Revell 1/32 airplanes, and their ships. I look forward to seeing your builds! Best regards, Brad
  13. the Baron

    DIY stuff from leftovers?

    Scratchbuilding 101: Never throw anything out! :)
  14. the Baron

    Tracking App iPad / iPhone

    Welcome to the Herd! Sorry, I can't help you with an app to track building time. I don't track it, myself. If I did, I'd need something like Stonehenge, I build so slowly. I look forward to seeing your work! Best regards, Brad
  15. the Baron

    SodaCity ModelCon in Columbia SC

    Looks good! You made me curious, so I ran a web search on "soda city modelcon". Turns out it's an IPMS club that stages it, the Mid-Carolina Swamp Fox Modelers. We get their newsletter through the regional exchanges IPMS runs. Their website is I'd be surprised if...
  16. the Baron

    Engine Wiring

    I wonder if any manuals are available online?
  17. the Baron

    Old kits

    Yeah, we want to distinguish between kit builders and kit collectors. Kit collecting (not the same thing as accumulating a stash) has become a hobby in its own right. Kit collectors acquire kits and look at criteria like other collectors do with their favorite subjects. For example, they...
  18. the Baron

    Cub Scout Activity?

    Welcome to the Herd! Since we've mentioned hobby and craft shops, something else to consider is talking to the owner or store manager and seeing if he's interested in donating kits and materials. For the store, it's good publicity and it helps foster future customers. Best regards, Brad
  19. the Baron

    WHY THERE ISN'T A 1/48 B-52 KIT

    They're yooge!
  20. the Baron

    Do I need to thin my Tamiya X-22 clear coat?

    I get that with movies and TV shows. I see something that feels like it just came out a couple of years ago, and I realize it was 30.