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  1. alfonzo1

    1/35 JS-2 (Dragon)

    Hey Guys, Been out the loop for a couple of years, not had my hands on a kit due to house moves and work, but been getting the inevitable urge to model again. Decided to pick a simple kit to get back into things and get my skills back up to speed, as such i have gone for Dragons 1/35 JS-2...
  2. alfonzo1

    Pkw.K2s Schwimmwagen Type 166

    Hey Guys, Picked this up the other day, started building it after work at 18:00(ish) , its now 23:00. Very quick build but an amazing kit, went together fantastically with some nice details. Need to do a bit of filling and sanding the photos always seem to show up imperfections. One of the...
  3. alfonzo1

    Herbst, nice use of modelling.

    Saw this video of the end title sequence to a First World War film, got some great scenes and uses of lighting and focus. Some historical inaccuracies but we'll let that slide.
  4. alfonzo1

    Dragon - Sd.Kfz. 234/4

    Hey Guys, Been looking forward to this for a long time now, been away from the hobby for about 5 months now and just got all my kit into my new flat just in time for the group build. Excited to get some paint on this, bought some new oils to experiment with for some weathering effects...
  5. alfonzo1

    Great story of the Eastern Front

    Hey Guys, Just had a weeks holiday in Tunisia and ploughed through this book, I'm sure some of you must have read it, but for those who are into their WW2 history I can't recommend it enough. It is the horrific true story of a German soldier's experience of the Eastern Front and the battles...
  6. alfonzo1

    War & Peace 2011

    So its War & Peace this weekend, a huge military vehicle show in Kent (Southern England). Just wondering if anyone has been before or is going. I have never been before but judging by the gallery from last years show I am in for a treat. Will be sure...
  7. alfonzo1

    Nazi Zombies!!!!

    Hey Guys, You may have seen in the 'Chit-Chat' Section I enquired about 1/35 scale zombies but had no joy. So I decided to have a go at making my own out of bits and bobs, mainly tamiya and dragon left overs with lashings of milliput. I intend to make a diorama with the zombies, thinking them...
  8. alfonzo1


    Hey guys, Does anyone know of 1/35 scale zombie figures? I have had a look on a few sites with no success. Would love to do a diorama of a zombie invasion, ideally WW2 but would be willing to go modern depending on the zombies attire, think a lot of fun could be had. Found this site with some...
  9. alfonzo1

    'Lost in the snow' - King Tiger

    Hey Guys, This is a model I have been meaning to stick on a base for a while and finally finished it. The tank is a dragon kit and the figures are tamiya. There are some better photos of the tank here:,2256.0.html Any feedback is welcome...
  10. alfonzo1

    My first commission - A Sherman in Egypt.

    I am still fairly new to modelling (1 year) but felt the challenge of a commission build too irresistible to turn down. I had a part time job at a model shop (model zone, quit a couple of weeks ago to concentrate on uni) where I met a chap that wanted a model for a friend as a present so I...
  11. alfonzo1

    New modeller!!

    Hey guys, Just starting out and thought it would be good to get involved with the community having been inspired by Scalemodelmadman and SMA. I have posted some pictures in Watcha Buildin'>Armour and was hoping for some feed back from the pro's. Cheers Alan.
  12. alfonzo1

    New modeller, Dragon-King Tiger

    Hey guys, Just joined up. I have been modelling for about 8 months and really enjoying it and learning so many new things each model I complete. I have uploaded some pictures of a King Tiger I recently finished which is going to be put into a diorama eventually. Any feedback or tips would be...