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  1. Papermodder

    Big T-Rex a 3D Printed Model

    Good evening all. Still playing with the 3D Printer. In a subject somewhat suited for the coming season I've picked on another 3D printed subject. A 1/20 th scale T-Rex skeleton. She is about 1m snout to tail, and consists of ~ 200 pieces. This is at 50% of the original model size. I have...
  2. Papermodder

    Sci-Fi 1/1000 Enterprise E Paper Model

    For the Sci-Fi category. A 1/1000 scale USS Enterprise - E paper model. Designed by Zosho Redrawn by Legal01 & Bgt01 Final Pics. Jim
  3. Papermodder

    Aquino Tank Days and Model Armour Show

    Just to let those in Southern Ontario Canada know, The 2016 Aquino Tank Days live armour show will soon be upon us. As this will be the 150th anniversary for The Ontario Regiment, the show is extended to 3 days this year. Friday May 27 to Sunday May 29. On Friday there will be a special...
  4. Papermodder

    Star Trek 1/1000 Enterprise - E Paper model

    Good evening. For this years BSC I've decided to challenge myself with the build of the 1/1000 Enterprise-E papermodel by Zosho and updated by Legal01 and Bgt01. 36 pages of papermodel goodness. I guess I can't put down a challenge, another model with no build instructions. Will just have...
  5. Papermodder

    Ducati 1199 1/6th scale 3D Printed Model

    Good Day. I don't normally have more than one project on the go, but for this I will make an exception. As some of you are aware, I recently acquired a 3D printer. This will be my first major modeling project with it. I want time to get all the pieces printed out, before we start construction...
  6. Papermodder

    Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Paper Model

    Good Evening. Time to start another build. This time around I'm going for Armour. It's been 15 years since I've built a tank. I have chosen to build the Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" from the movie Fury by Julius Perdana. I wanted an easier build this time around. This is not the most detailed...
  7. Papermodder

    Millennium Falcon Paper Model with Cockpit

    Good evening all. For the next project I thought it was time to jump on to the Star Wars bandwagon. I have this template, that I've had for a long time but never got around to build. The only instructions are a few CAD drawings for the sub-assemblies, so it will be a challenge. Add to that...
  8. Papermodder


    Good evening. This is an art piece called "Shine" by Papercraft Japanesque. I had originally started this about six years ago. I had mostly completed the head but was overwhelmed by the hands, thinking I did not yet have the skill set to do them properly, So it ended up being packed away to...
  9. Papermodder

    An Unboxing and Demo of the FOLDIO 2 Light box.

    I have a large light tent that I use for my finish photography, but it's too big and clumsy for the everyday WIP shots. Was in need of something smaller, quick and easy to use. I saw the flyer for the 15" FOLDIO 2 light box with internal lighting, from my local camera shop. Did some research on...
  10. Papermodder

    Startrek Space Dock with Refit 1/1700 scale Paper Model

    Hello all. This is the project I've been working on since HoiHoi was finished. A 1/1700 scale model of the Space Dock with a Refit Enterprise inside. The completed model will be mounted in a shadow box and lit. The parts, first is the Space Dock by Daves Cut & Fold. The the 1/1700 Refit...
  11. Papermodder


    I picked this up at a hobby store I was visiting in Toronto on Thursday. Just for something different to build. This character figure builds like a gundam and consists of 12 sprues. Fully articulated. Construction some glue, but mostly snap. The instructions are mostly assembly diagrams...
  12. Papermodder

    AXM's Space-X Dragon V2 1/48 scale Papermodel

    Good day. With the humidity done for the moment, I thought I would start a small project. Soon after the abort test for Space-X's Dragon V2 manned spacecraft, AXM designed a model of this craft in it's abort test configuration. This image is actually of a flight ready configuration, as for...
  13. Papermodder

    Watercraft Bismarck 1/400 Paper Model

    Category: Watercraft Name of Build: Bismarck 1/400 Paper Model Kit manufacturer: F. Prudenziati Scale: 1/400 Description A waterline build of the Bismarck, using paper card as the medium of construction Final Images
  14. Papermodder

    Aquino Tank Day

    It's that time of year again. For those interested in armoured vehicles, real and model. and live in the Southern Ontario area. The Ontario Regiment museum their Aquino Tank Day on May 30. Live demos and field displays and the AMPS regional model show and competition. Check out this link for...
  15. Papermodder

    Bismarck 1/400 Papermodel

    For my effort this year, I have gone back to another ship. The 1/400 scale Bismark designed by F. Prudenziati, a very prolific model designer who passed away last year. I've had this kit in my stash for quite a while and felt it was time to bring this model into the light. This model may not be...
  16. Papermodder

    Dusting off the ME-329 Project

    Hello all. With the Yamaha TMAX build complete, it's now time to get back to the ME-329 papermodel build. This build was started with the intent as a project for last springs SBC, but life and a build that became more complex than I was expecting, it did not get completed. Now back into build...
  17. Papermodder

    1/24 Yamaha TMAX Maxi Scooter

    Good Evening. I know it has been a while since I posted, but with the riding season slowly coming to an end, time to get the bench mojo working again. Now before I return to my Me-329 build, I thought I would start off with a build of the Tamiya TMAX that was purchased a couple of weeks ago...
  18. Papermodder

    AMPS Great White North Military Model Shoe and the Aquino Tank Day

    On May 31 I visited the AMPS show, which was being held at the Ontario Regiment Military Museum in Oshawa ON. At the same time the museum was having one of their Tank Days with live demonstrations and displays. Here is my album of pics from the show. Take note that here are some pics of a BMP1...
  19. Papermodder

    TOS Enterprise Captains Chair - Papermodel

    Hello everyone. This past Easter weekend I took a break from the Me-329 project, to do something different. The template for this came available last week and I could not resist building it. A change that I did to the model, and since I have not done a lighting project myself, was to build...
  20. Papermodder

    Messerschmitt Me-329

    Greetings. For this years BSC I have decided to build the Messerschmitt Me-329 Heavy Fighter / Bomber. Only a plywood mockup and a glider version were ever built. Several variants were envisioned but never got past the drawing board. I am using GreMir Models 1/33 kit for this project. I...