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  1. punkpigpen

    1/72 Fine Molds Millenium Falcon w EXTRAS for sale

    hey guys i have a FM Falcon 1/72 complete with some photoetch and resin extras up for sale. I cant remember exactly what extras are in there as i already sealed the box up for shipping but i know for sure there are the clear resin engine bits. SUPER CHEAP at $200 plus $20 shipping in USA or $35...
  2. punkpigpen

    1/16 Tamiya KV-2 Tank RC

    I got this for my Birthday! woot woot! I am going to do a complete WIP when i start next week. I am building it as a captured Panzer tank and i am going to scratchbuild the shell racks in the back as per reference photos ive found. i have a few books too. I may take a few libertys since it didnt...
  3. punkpigpen

    Pilots for 1/32 Trumpeter Dauntless Kit

    Hey I have this Midway version 1/32 Dauntless kit that i am dying to build. but The Trumpeter kits come with no pilots. This kits needs one seated pilot and a gunner for the rear. Any ideas who has an aftermarket or other similar figures i could use as im building this as an in flight build...
  4. punkpigpen

    Other Star Wars Machinery I Mades

    heres more info on my blog but also a couple of pics here for ya! [attachment deleted by admin]
  5. punkpigpen

    Punk's Snowspeeder WIP in Studio Scale..YEHH!

    Hey comrades. so i've had this Salzo studio scale Snowspeeder for everal months and have been putting it off cuz basically "how the hell am i gonna pull this off" goes through my head. but YES it's time. It is HUUUUUUUGE!!!!! should build to over 18 inches. I plan to paint it up as Wedge's...
  6. punkpigpen

    Punk's Studio Scale Star Wars Trench Run!

    So youve all seen the other 3 studio scale models ive posted here. The X-Wing, Y-Wing and Tie Fighter. In between all those builds for the last several months i chipped away at this. OK, so mot of you know the Y WIng and X Wings went down in the trench seperately and of course the X-WIngs...
  7. punkpigpen

    Y-Wing WIP Studio Scale

    Ok so its not a WIP from the beginning as i planned. Basically cuz im soo bad about taking pics...This kit is not an available one. I got it from a friend who had the kit form of the Master Replicas YWing. As many resin kits (I think thats 90% of what i build) no instructions are included and...
  8. punkpigpen

    My Neisen Studio Scale Tie Fighter

    This resin thing i just finished last week. It weighs almost 10 pounds with the metal armature.. Its huge too. added some fiber optics as well. It's the Nice'N SS Tie Fighter from Steve Neisen [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. punkpigpen

    1/72 Fine Molds Falcon

    Ok so it just arrived in the mail today. i got it for 217 USD. the cheapest i've seen it. AND it came with some photo etched parts like hanger bays and round grille vents. AND some clear resin engine thingys. Actually never seen the kit built or unbuilt in person and I am kind of bummed how...
  10. punkpigpen

    WANTED: Studio Scale Y-Wing

    I've posed this also on Resin Illuminati but it seems the forum there is pretty dead these days. Anyhoo, if anyone has, or has any leads on a Studio scale resin Y-Wing kit for sale please let me know. I've been on the hunt with no results. Thanks! -punk
  11. punkpigpen

    Resin Tie Interceptor

    Just finished this a couple of days ago...Its a resin Tie Interceptor by Alfred Wong. Its not studio scale more like 1/32 i think?? The casting mold mustve been on its final leg when mine was done as some details such as the front two blasters had to be scratch built with some stacked brass...
  12. punkpigpen

    Sci Fi Kit Build Ups on You Tube??

    Does anyone know any really good Sci Fi builder who has a good build tutorial channel of youtube? Most are military armor which are great but the aesthetics are pretty different.
  13. punkpigpen

    NEW here, so HELLO!

    hey! new here. I'm originally from NYC but i now reside in New Hope, PA as of 2 years ago.