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  1. iandrewmartin

    Ground Attack Heavy Fighter (Original Design)

    Nice one. Very good work.
  2. iandrewmartin

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria, OZ

    Best view in the city.
  3. iandrewmartin

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria, OZ

    I love what I do (I drive trams in Melbourne - I'll upload a picture of one of the types I drive in a moment) but it is exhausting and even after almost 3 years I am still dog tired. And I'm no spring chicken. One of the types of Trams I drive: Melbourne's E1 Class (6001-6050) tram. This is the...
  4. iandrewmartin

    Paper Armour (Armor for you Yanks)

    Wow! All I have to say. Great modelling!
  5. iandrewmartin

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria, OZ

    Thanks very much. I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Your work is inspiring. I only wish I had the time to get back to that level of modelling. Alas I work rotating shift work so for the moment that option is not on the table.
  6. iandrewmartin

    Paper Armour (Armor for you Yanks)

    These are amazing.
  7. iandrewmartin

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria, OZ

    Hi all; I've been lurking for ages, and I've decided to get more active on the site, as I get my love for scale modelling back into gear. I model lots of stuff, mainly trains, but also do sci-fi, armour, the odd car, aircraft on occasion, submarines, and love to scratchbuild. For example below...
  8. iandrewmartin

    Something different. H-21 Flying Banana.

    Love these older choppers. Some really interesting shapes and types in that first generation.
  9. iandrewmartin

    A few of my recent sub builds

    Martay Love the subs mate. Especially the type XXI. Outstanding work.
  10. iandrewmartin

    Doppelkonig mit Pommes

    That's a really neat kitbash. Great work. Thanks for posting.
  11. iandrewmartin

    Corporate Alliance Droid - AMT/ERTL - 1:48

    That's a great diorama and model.
  12. iandrewmartin

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    I love the work you do. Outstanding stuff. Glad you put this back on the site. Kind regards
  13. iandrewmartin

    Top heavy AT-ST

    Grue; You are going to need to mount the model to the base (screw/bolt/pin/etc,). The design is not stable. I have one that I have been working on for ages (the old MPC snap together one - photos forthcoming) and they are the same too. And I'll be doing the same thing and mounting it to the base...
  14. iandrewmartin

    Another Original Design

    Love them. Reminds me of my scratchbuilt starships - I started building my scratchbuilt ships around the same time (1977-78) when I could not get the sci-fi kits I wanted. Built one out of an old (and broken) portable cassette player. The cassette cover (that lifted up) was the space dock on the...