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  1. sdiggman

    Blackbeard - if you can use this - its yours

    I do digital graphics - if you would like titles/logos/header graphics in a particular format/resolution/size/style/font etc etc - just send me the specs and I will donate the graphics ps If you like the style of the SMA title - I can also produce all of the individual section headers in the...
  2. sdiggman

    The Dark Sea Project - a batboat inspired phantom

    thank you very much kind stranger :) I cant wait until i complete this and start the next piece in the Art Deco trilogy - Dark Road
  3. sdiggman

    VF-1 Valkyrie and VF-1 Super Valkyrie 1:72 from Robotech (Macross)

    That is some seriously gorgeous work! Kudos
  4. sdiggman

    Batmobile - 1966 Deluxe Edition

    meticulous attention to detail - fantastic!
  5. sdiggman

    66 Batmobile.

    very nice work
  6. sdiggman

    The Dark Sea Project - a batboat inspired phantom

    to get y'all up to current
  7. sdiggman

    Hello from San Antonio

    Thank you very much My mommy says I'm speshul! :)
  8. sdiggman

    Revell 1/350 Uboot

    beautiful work
  9. sdiggman

    Hello from San Antonio

    I am a miniaturist who works mainly in historic dioramas but my current project is a scratchbuilt Art Deco batboat-inspired piece named Dark Sea, which may turn out to be the first of a trio of Art Deco bat vehicles I am really interested in learning how to make ocean waves/bow waves for...