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  1. Belugawrx

    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Cheers Those figs are 1/20 Tamiya pit crew set #89608..all but one of them in shorts... and they do seem large to is one with the Tamiya driver figure... That is the Jody Scheckter figure...I think he was over 6 ft. tall tho..the waving figure measures 3 5/8", which translates to...
  2. Belugawrx

    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Scratched out of Evergreen rod and channels...
  3. Belugawrx

    Something different. H-21 Flying Banana.

    I like the landing pad..worn concrete..explain,....? Cheers
  4. Belugawrx

    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Yep 700 hp right behind your back
  5. Belugawrx

    Paper Armour (Armor for you Yanks)

    That is some really nice modelling Dave...amazing out of paper
  6. Belugawrx

    A few of my recent sub builds

    Those look great, well done on the weathering that XXVII B mini sub was a nasty little beast wasn't it ?
  7. Belugawrx

    Even more different...

    Interesting looking bird..I've never seen anything like it. Where was it deployed with the tundra(?) skis..?
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    Welcome John :)
  9. Belugawrx

    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Hello my name is Bruce,.... and I'm an addict.. More done on Teddy Yip's WR3... Apparently TR decided to add this new air disturber... there it is.. needing much putty, and sanding.. Built the transmission, painted with Alclad ALC 114 gunmetal and then rubbed with Mr. Zip Wired the...
  10. Belugawrx

    I'm out of the hobby

    More times than I would like to remember, I've sworn at a piece of plastic for either drying too fast, or breaking too easily, or drying too slow, or being not the right colour,... Patience, and the knowledge that it can be redone. Don't give up
  11. Belugawrx

    1967 Shelby Cobra csx #3243

    It's a Revell of Germany from 2006 ..probably a re-release from god knows when... I like to dryfit over and over again..and this thing is fighting me every time .. ended up putting in a solid contact on the under side of the rear deck. Also the back edge of the interior tub is too high, so it...
  12. Belugawrx

    1967 Shelby Cobra csx #3243

    Ya the 1:24th kit..(added to title) Bit of a dog's breakfast as far as fit and contact points,..just kinda floats around on the frame, and the interior bucket has about 1/2" of play...
  13. Belugawrx

    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Another one on the bench is the 1978 F1 entry of Theodore Racing (TR). TR purchased a couple used cars from Walter Wolf Racing in the middle of the '78 season, and could only come up with a 10th place finish. This is the 1:20th kit with white metal parts, a p/e fret and enough decals to pick...
  14. Belugawrx

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Nice, I'll be watchin' fer sher...
  15. Belugawrx

    1967 Shelby Cobra csx #3243

    The 2020 Cannonball build is on, this years topic, vehicles in movies and on tv. (We have a year to build) I chose the Cobra from the original Gumball Rally movie Can't lose ,...right..? I mean, it won in the movie,...right...? Anyway there are about 30 of us competing in the race so every...
  16. Belugawrx

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Definitely a colourful beast U ! Will this be a mechanics training seminar diorama...? Looking good man
  17. Belugawrx

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    It has been resurrected... Nice work on those hinged doors brother, hope to see more
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    Hey Mike Welcome to the forum !
  19. Belugawrx

    Last of 2019 Mercedes 300 SL

    2019 was a busy year for you Sir...Nice stuff:cool:
  20. Belugawrx

    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    i went the other way3 years ago.. I can breathe better ..but my legs are more wobbly