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    All, I am re-posting my list of kits that are for sale, with reduced prices. If interested please PM me with requests and I will answer as soon as I can; I still work for a living, so evenings are about all I have to look at emails! Shipping notes are on last page... Thanks, Charles
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    Here's the list

    All, I got the list pages scanned in as PDF's and they attached. Finally. Please have a look and email me at [email protected] for interests. For preamble to all of this, please see "shelf clearing" posts in this forum. Thanks, Charles ;)
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    Shelf clearing, continued...

    All, I tried to attach my list but the system would not allow me do so. Something about not having an allowed file extension [what ever THAT means...:mad: stupid technology, drives me nuts]. So if you're interested in having the list [it's in Word format [I'm an old fart] please send me a...
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    Clearing the shelves a bit...

    Model builders everywhere, greetings! I am cleaning out my stash closet a bit. I have been stacking kits for 30+ years, always with the 'one of these days' intent. Well the time has come to admit that I don't have a lot more of 'one of these days' coming, so I need to cull the collection. I...
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    This should work!

    So, here's post #3. I'll wait the required 3 minutes to send this, and then it's off to the forum!:cool: Charles;)
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    But wait...

    I have lots of text to add along with my list, so I'll need to start a new thread in the For Sale forum. That's #2! Charles
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    Hello to all. I have a list of kits for sale that I want to post a link to, but I need to get my 3 posts in first. Here's #1! Charles