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  1. Bullet21

    Secret Santa 2015

    We should keep this event going. Anyone else interested?
  2. Bullet21

    Secret Santa seems to be M.I.A.

    Been away for awhile but finally got everything ready for winter. Whew! But I can't seem to find any mention of a Secret Santa this year. Did I miss it or is it just gone? :'(
  3. Bullet21

    How big of a mess can you make with 2 large double-doubles?

    Well, if they are in the cup holders of your truck as it rolls down an embankment on the side of the highway, it makes for a hot coffee shower and a ring around the inside of the cab. MESSY! I'm just now able to use one hand to stab keys after that trip 9 days ago. I was on my way to work at 6am...
  4. Bullet21

    Summer's back!

    Sadly though, it means that the cobwebs will soon start to accumulate around "The Bench". Between playing baseball, riding my motorcycle, projects around the house, landscaping my 2 acre yard, a vacation, taking the grandkids out to the lake and hunting I just can't see me spending a whole lot...
  5. Bullet21

    TANKART II is coming!

    Was looking at Rinaldi's site to see about ordering TANKART when I saw it's turning into a series, with # 2 soon to be released. They have a bit of a special if you order I & II together, and since I just got my tax refund ...... ;D
  6. Bullet21

    Canadair Sabre 5, surprise ending.

    I threw this kit together in a short weekend just because I needed something to paint silver. I've been struggling to get an okay looking NMF so I needed a couple of test subjects. The others just looked wrong but this one, although not perfect, caught my eye. The build was quick with no extras...
  7. Bullet21

    KV-1B on it's way to the front

    Used the Tamiya kit and a set of Friulimodel track links. Also tried using pigments for the 1st time. Comments are welcome and encouraged, good or not-so-good. Improvement is easier if you know what you did wrong.
  8. Bullet21

    Seasons Greetings

    From me & mine to you & yours, Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers, Dennis.
  9. Bullet21

    Help with pigment powders?

    I'm working on improving my weathering on armor and decided to try this pigment stuff. Can anyone offer up some tips on how to apply it? And how to make it stay on afterward? Thanks eh?
  10. Bullet21

    1st tank in 25 yrs 1/35 Panther G (Late)

    Took me about a year to get it finished, learned lots from this one! I drilled out the ends of the tow cables and replaced the cables with picture hanging wire, the antenna is a piece of guitar string and I used some fine screen to make the intake cover grilles on the rear deck. And it was also...