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    Italian Assault Troops - Bersaglieri

    This is an OLD Italeri kit. The sculpting isn't that great...weakest part are the faces and hands. Will be doing some conversions and improvements. Some pics................... Last two pics show the revision work being done, figures will need new heads...kit ones are weak and have...

    Beute T-70 Light Tank

    Hey Guys, been a while since posting an armor build. This one is a captured T-70, the Germans are using. Plan on doing the top half in 3 color camo...leaving the bottom half Russian green. Lots of Black crosses to show freindlies that this is Now a German vehicle. Made a rudimentary turret...

    Maraudercon 2012

    Anyone who might be in the Baltimore-Washington DC area the weekend of November 10th, the Baltimore & Washington IPMS clubs are having a "Big Show" model contest. Details below.......................... What & When? Maraudercon 2012, November 10th, 9am-5pm Where? Hilton Garden Inn-White...

    Focke-Wulf Triebflugel - Dragonfly

    Hey Guys, thought I'd post this ole Luft '46 build as a bit of personal inspiration to join the Group Build. I've got 2 Revell kits...Messerschmidt P1009-2 and the 6 engined Arado bomber. Anyway, scratchbuilt the Trieb out of wood, styrene, and some spare bits. Soon afterwards they came out with...

    Chaos Noise Marine

    Next up is a Noise Marine. These Chaos guys use freaky Sonic weapons to do battle. Again, this is a conversion of a regular Space Marine into a Chaos one. Miliput, styrene, and wire used in the construction. Some pics................................... Some more work to do, then paint...

    British SE5

    Hello everyone. Time to do a "Wingy" thing. This time it's a Lindberg, 1/48, WW1 SE5. It's one of their "Vintage" molds. Here are some pics............................ Thanks for viewing. Comments are welcomed. Bill

    Plague Marine Conversion

    Warhammer 40K, converting a Space Marine into a Chaos Space Marine-Plague Marine. Plan on using spare parts, various guages of wire, and body putty to make the conversion. Swap out the pistol for the bolter and the chain-sword for the dagger. Swap out done and added wedge spacers to increase...

    T-20 Komsomolets w/ 37mm Pak

    This build has languished on my bench since NOV. 2011. Admitably the reason for its "unfinishability" is the fact that it's such a marginal kit requiring Herculanian effort to get decent. Well, now the gloves come off, I dive into my parts/styrene boxes and polish this "Bleep" into a gem. Chunky...

    3 German Elites , Redux

    Due to a screw-up with Photobucket and bandwidth, I'm reposting the photos of my model. I apologize in advance for any confusion this may cause. Thanks for re-viewing. Bill 1st up ..... Green Devils at Monte Cassino: 2nd up ......Waffen SS in France 1944: Last up ....... Afrika Korps at...


    The end is near for Germany. The remaining defenders, young boys and old men, ride into battle on bicycles. The figures are Dragon, bikes are Italeri, and the maxim mg is Zvezda. Used Vallejo acrylics throughout. Groundwork is carved styrofoam, covered with wood putty and painted. Woodland...

    Bomber Busting Swallow , Me-262 with 50mm auto canon

    Forced perspective Aerial combat scene. Tamiya's 1/100 scale Me-262, converted to 50 mm auto canon varient, made late in war to be a bomber killer. Minicraft's 1/144 scale B-17: battle damaged, replaced poorly molded guns, clear discs(color tipped) to represent props inflight, cotton smoke and...

    Bridge Too Far , Forced Perspective Diorama

    Hey, fellow model addicts. Submitted for your approval or rancor is another one of my forced perspective dioramas. It depicts the hopeless but valient stand of British paratroopers against a German armored division at Arnhem. Scales used are 1/35, 1/40, 1/48, 1/56, 1/65, 1/72, and 1/76...

    Konigstiger Cut-a-Way

    Hello fellow plastic addicts. Submitted for your approval or rancor is my Kingtiger in 1/76th scale. It's a Fujimi kit. The first 3 photos are works in progress, showing the degree of detailing done to the interior. All scratchbuilding done with styrene and some spare parts. Made a complete hull...

    Panzer IV - H

    Got this old Italeri Panzer IV at a model show for only $5.00. With so many Uber-detailed, expensive kits out there, I thought I'd detail-up this basic kit.Starting with the turret.....detailed commander's hatch, added AA mount/gun, post sight, and bullet splash ring. Corrected G model turret...

    Israeli MD 500 Helicopter

    Hey, fellow aircraft addicts. I'm submitting for your approval or rancor my 1/48th scale Hasagawa kit of this fast little helicopter. Interior detailing: Added various bins, dial/guages, collector lever, and handles. 1st aid box and fire extinguisher also added. Pilots detailed with helmut...

    Eastern Front - Part 2

    This is part 2 of my forced perspective diorama. This will show the 1/72, 1/87, and 1/144th scales. Again this will be a pic heavy post, so if anyone has questions concerning its construction, ask away. Thanks for viewing. Bill

    Eastern Front , Part 1

    Back in 2007, tried my hand at creating a forced perspective diorama. The scales range from 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, 1/87, to 1/144th. This will be a pic heavy post, so I will do it in 2 parts. Any questions, comments, etc.- please ask away. PART 1 Part 2 to follow in a seperate post. Thanks...

    Mr. Spock

    This is from the old AMT Enterprise Bridge kit. Just made Spock's bridge section. Added data card reader & view scope. The Spock figure is converted. Added right arm/hand and left hand from spare parts box. Modified the right hand to show "Live Long and Prosper" sign. Also added arm/cuff...

    Japanese HO-NI 75mm Self-propelled Gun

    This was Japan's countermeasure to the Sherman. The kit is the Tamiya"s 1/35th scale item. Built a basic interior and placed a driver at the controls. Cut all hatches/vision ports to open position. Replaced all molded-on handles/tiedowns with seperate items. Replaced kit engine deck vent with...

    Hummel - Steel Bumblebee

    This is a Dragon 1/72 scale kit. Made to represent an Eastern front Hummel. Exterior details...........added hooks, handles, and tiedowns. Modified travel lock to stored position. Also added seperate tank tools and antenna. Gun compartment doors cut to open position. Interior...