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  1. Bullet21

    1/24 MPC/Airfix JU 87B

    Looking good so far. Very ambitious project for sure and a nice trib to Dan. 👍🏻🍻
  2. Bullet21

    any news for secret santa 2016?

  3. Bullet21

    any news for secret santa 2016?

    Count me in 👍🏻
  4. Bullet21

    Dragon Jagedpanther G2

    Very nice! I like the thought projected by the figures, can see a very nice dio forming.
  5. Bullet21


    Really looks good, nice weathering. The figure is icing on the cake, great job.
  6. Bullet21

    Workbench update (Now building Revell Ar 196 A-3)

    Re: Workbench update (pic heavy - sorry...) Nice work JMac and congrats on the awards. They all look great so it's hard to pick a favourite, but that Spitfire looks awesome. And the Jug, and the .....
  7. Bullet21

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody!! Hope you all have a wonderful season and a fabulous New Year.
  8. Bullet21

    Secret Santa 2015

    Santa's Little Helper dropped off a package yesterday! NOW I'm excited for Christmas!
  9. Bullet21

    Secret Santa 2015

    And away it went!
  10. Bullet21

    Secret Santa 2015

    Pm sent 👍🏻 Thanks much
  11. Bullet21

    Secret Santa 2015

    Sign me up👍🏻
  12. Bullet21

    Hawker typhoon

    Looks good bud, nice weathering👍🏻🍻
  13. Bullet21

    Secret Santa 2015

    We should keep this event going. Anyone else interested?
  14. Bullet21

    Matilda WIP

    That's awesome. Can't wait to see it in the dio. 🍻
  15. Bullet21

    Adam Savage builds a cosmonaut kit

    Really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing. But I think I liked Watching Scott build that X-wing more. 😉
  16. Bullet21

    how about WWII Canadian armour kits???

    While back I built An Achilles tank destroyer, which was a U.S. M10 with a 17 per. gun. Kit was from AFV Club and came with Canadian markings.
  17. Bullet21

    Hobbycraft 1:48 A-4

    Looks pretty darned nice JMac! But now I have to think of a different paint scheme for mine.maybe blue?
  18. Bullet21

    Secret Santa seems to be M.I.A.

    Was trying to post pics of my SS gifts when my comp crashed. I got an iPad now but can't access my photobucket? Anyway, to my secret Santa, thanks a ton, both awesome kits and that heli is going 1st.
  19. Bullet21

    Tamiya cromwell

    1st figure? The whole thing is awesome, even the figure. Nice work man.
  20. Bullet21

    FlakPanzer IV

    Wow, that looks great. Nice weathering, especially the running gear. Very nice.