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  1. Fruit

    Homeworld Vanaar-Jet

    Hey guys, I'm a little late to the party, and haven't built anything in a year or so. I figured this would be a nice one to get me back into the hobby!
  2. Fruit

    Who plays Planetside 2?

    YOU. That's who! But in all seriousness, who here plays Planetside 2? It's an FTP, MMOFPS (Free to Play - Massively Multiplayer First Person shooter), buuut ----------------- it combines elements of infantry, vehicle, and air combat, and in a space of 64 km which players of up to...
  3. Fruit

    Anthem Airbrush problem

    Hey guys! I just bought my first airbrush (Woot to the woot! ;D) but I'm having a problem unscrewing the head? I'm sure it's part 51-071. I've tried hand grips to needle nosed pliers, but the thing is not budging! My hand grips broke while trying to unscrew the head, and my pliers have...
  4. Fruit

    LEA and Paint?

    EDIT: Whoops! Can a mod move this to this area?,11.0.html I seem to have experienced a brain fart! Quick question guys, I've coated a sheet of paper with Model Master Clear Gloss Laquer straight from the rattle can. I must have coated...
  5. Fruit

    Curing time?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, what is the general curing time of Model Master Gloss Lacquer coat, straight from the rattle can? (If I put this in the wrong spot, can a Mod move it? Thanks!)
  6. Fruit

    Monofilament Line

    Hi guys! I've googled this for a good half hour and haven't found an exact answer. Does Monofilament line have a potential to cause cancer? I bought this stuff: and on the back read a label - "Warning: the...
  7. Fruit

    1/33 Airco DH.6

    :-[ Unfortunately, I've run into delaminating paper problems with the Banshee, and the B-29 seems impossible to finish, let alone start at this stage. [It seems I'm always a late competitor in these competitions D:] So instead, I looked through my paper stash and found this sweet...
  8. Fruit

    Halinski 2011/2012

    Hi guys! I noticed some of you are interested in paper models. Whether it is a passing or intent interest, I think you may be wondering about pre-printed kits. These kits are usually of a much higher quality than free models one finds on the internet. The Tamiya equivalent in paper - is...
  9. Fruit


    Anyone hear about Wing nut wings? Pretty sure you guys have, so let me refine my question - Has anyone had any experience with building a WnW kit? And what about the shipping time length? I love WW2, Cold War, and Contemporary aircraft, but I'm getting this fascination with WW1 aviation. I...
  10. Fruit

    1/48 Revell B-17 Visible Fortress

    Does anyone have this in their stash, preferable one they're willing to part with? PM if you do, we can talk about it then. Thanks! :D
  11. Fruit

    1/48 Revell B-29 Superfortress

    Hey guys! This entry will be going into the junior category as well. I'll be building my first plastic model in I'm not sure how many years! My last one was the Revell 1/48 Tomcat and it turned to be a disaster :-X So hopefully this turns out a lot better.
  12. Fruit

    1/32 Skyline McDonnell F2H-3

    Hey guys! I'm going to be building Skyline's 1/32 Banshee for the Juniors category. (Note: I printed off the blue variant to look through, but I'll be building the grey version). Jeremiah, the one-man show operator/designer/modeler/pilot, has done an excellent job of recreating the Banshee as...
  13. Fruit

    1/72 Spad VII C.1

    Hey guys, This is another one of the models I'm bringing with me to SVSM Kick Off Classic 2012. This time it's the 1/72 Spad VII from JB Models. The model is available at ecardmodels : for a whopping $3.50 for 3 variants. In contrast...
  14. Fruit

    1/33 Spitfire Vb Halinski

    Hey guys, I put the Hayate on hold, and on immediate return to the build slot. However, I'm pushing this build so it will be finished by March 24th for the SVSM. Work on the build is progressing rather nicely, and it really is shaping up! Now I've got to settle in and add all the small...
  15. Fruit

    Stuff for Sale

    I'm cutting back on my stash in order to get some other kits ;D I'm located in California and will only ship to areas of the US. I'll probably ship with the flat rate shipping boxes, so expect shipping to be $10-15. I know, shipping is a bear, so I tried to cut the costs of the actual items...
  16. Fruit

    2/3 Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica

    Hey guys, hopefully I put this in the right spot. Here's a once in a life time deal, a hand crafted BSG, with 4 years through the making. The model sports a bunch of detail, and the builder, Ekuth, spent many, many, many hours no doubt (Anyone remember Mr. Young, the master modeler who built...
  17. Fruit

    Free Models!

    ... It's a low blow, a dirty title trick, but I knew you would look ;) ... But in all honesty, these models are free! Fiddlersgreen, a card modeling vendor/ design co. known for its formulaic and simplistic designs (very enjoyable builds of course, with minimal frustration and extreme ease)...
  18. Fruit

    Halinski 1/33 KI-84

    Hey guys, hopefully I'll be able to get this one done before the Spring Contest, :) Anyways, I'll be documenting my build of Halinski's KI-84. There's 7 pages of instruction diagrams, 1 page of translated English instructions + the KI-84's history, 2 pages of full formers, and 5 pages of model...
  19. Fruit

    1/60 Nanchanq A-5C "Panthers" PaperModel

    Hey guys, it's Fruit here, been absent from the forum for a really long time due to school work. I probably won't be active until about Christmas time. However, I feel the need to carry the torch onto my younger sibling who has expressed interest in plastic and paper modeling. His account is...
  20. Fruit

    Blizzaia L

    This one is a paper model I finished a few years back, but never got around to taking pictures. Anyways, this is a Wanzer, specifically Blizzaia L from a turn based game called Front Mission. I've never been played Front Mission, so I don't know any history on this mech, or what specific Front...