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    I have to say this is the most expensive kits I owned,,I put over 300$ into it from using real car laquire,to every photo-etched parts on the market..also ran all the brake lines..used metal parts ...and yes the doors really opened by r/c with a mini servo system using a pager motor..I even had...
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    Nissan Skyline...convertable???whaaaaaaat

    I had 2 of the Tami kits just laying around so I had a idea....chop the top and do it up..what you think???
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    Sti in your eye!!!

    I cant tell you how many parts are in this kit..I spent over 100$ on just the photo-etched..and about 6 weeks building this bad boy..hope you like it....
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    Finemolds 1:72 Jedi Starfighter

    Here is my first Fine Molds kit...this was one pain in the butt to build but I did it..I did not use the decals I used a air brush and Q-tip to paint it..
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    Finemolds 1/72 Y-Wing

    I hope you like it..I spent a few $$ on this kit..from micro lathe parts to a few other goodies...
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    New guy here to this your You Tube vids....