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    Shipping from US to Canada

    If something is over 4 pounds to my dismay USPS is forcing us to use the more expensive Priority Mail International. There fore UPS may be cheaper if you want anything from me and you are in Canada please consider this and tell all people you buy from in the US if UPS doesn't deliver to you...
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    Going out of business and selling off personal stash

    Send emails to [email protected] for up-to-date list. Something for EVERYBODY. Some AC and Armor FSIB. Stash kits include some vintage most recent. Armor Aircraft one classic car and some sci-fi. Check it out. I don't like posting because the list is changing every day and...
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    Halcyon Predator 2 (with 'Trophy') Kit for Sale

    Come to my Store and check it out. If you seriously want this one I am negotiable. John
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    Alt to EBAY Cut-Away Enterprise for 35.00 and other models for decent prices

    Check it out. this is my place actually but it's a great place to sell stuff. GreedBay doesn't get their 15% so you can sell for less...
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    Forgot ALSO FOR SALE Star Wars Battle of Hoth original release kit

    the real deal in shrink wrap- not the snap tite version. $42.00 obo plus shipping. Or I will combine with one of the cut-away Enterprise kits for $80.00 plus shipping OBO BUY ALL 3 For $120.00 and I WILL PAY SHIPPING!!!
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    1995 original cut-away Enterprise

    I ran into a couple of these Will sell for $ 45.00 ea. + shipping the pair for $80.00 + shipping. I'am making basically nothing. Will trade both for a 1/32 Trumpeter Crusader or a 1/32 Trumpy Avenger. contact at [email protected]
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    OLD 1/32 Revell P-47

    This was a freebie from a guy I have never met on the net. Modelers are the greatest guys!!!!! The white piece is a missing piece that I had to scratch build!! Turned out much better than I thought it would. Finally glad I got that cordless "rotary tool"
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    Hey Im the new guy-- 1/32Trumpy Chinese F7-II(into NVPA MiG-21PF)

    This will be completely OOB with no AM what-so-ever. Oh yeah the Decals will be Aeromaster for MiG-17...