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  1. Fruit

    Homeworld Vanaar-Jet

    Thanks guys, hopefully I won't disappoint! Alright, I've cut out the pieces. Next up is scoring, edge coloring, and making the supporting bulkheads.
  2. Fruit

    Homeworld Vanaar-Jet

    Hey guys, I'm a little late to the party, and haven't built anything in a year or so. I figured this would be a nice one to get me back into the hobby!
  3. Fruit

    1/48 Academy F-86F30... DONE! :)

    Re: 1/48 Academy F-86F30 Oh those gaps! Looks like you're handling those nicely though, keep it up :D
  4. Fruit

    Trumpeter 1:24 bf109G-10

    Impressive detail you have going on there!
  5. Fruit

    Stuff for Sale

    Entire lot pending to be sold
  6. Fruit

    Stuff for Sale

    I forgot to say! I'm gonna sell the entire lot for $200 only for this week, also no single items are for sale just yet! After this week, then the sales can be broken up into singles or smaller lots, thanks!
  7. Fruit

    Stuff for Sale

    Hey guys! Sorry long time no talk/see, I just finished freshman year at Willamette University pursuing the premed track (yay gonna be a doctor :D), so there's unfortunately no time for modeling D: So that means I'm selling off my stash, so listed below is the inventory up for sale, if you want...
  8. Fruit

    Patlabor Maintenance Facility

    You know what, I really appreciate your work Jim, maybe it's because it's such a familiar process and it really brings nostalgia when I see your builds progress. You really are doing a fantastic job, it really is construction huh, each piece feeling like a labor of love (pardon the cheesy cliche...
  9. Fruit

    1/100 U-VII C U-Boat

    It's coming along really nicely Jim! About sealing the model, I definitely encourage you to seal your next model, especially home-printed sheets with a lacquer coat or even an acrylic coat prior to cutting, I can attest to it working towards the modelers benefit. The coat makes cutting more...
  10. Fruit

    1/100 U-VII C U-Boat

    Hey there Jim, it's great to see another papermodeler here! She's looking very nice, I'm surprised you didn't die while cutting out those formers, getting them square and fitting drives me insane :P But it looks like you've made short work of them! Keep it up!
  11. Fruit

    Tamiya 1/32 A6M5 Zero Fighter Zeke

    Good gawd Myke, looks like you stopped building a model a long time ago and started building the real thing! Keep it up man :)
  12. Fruit

    Tamiya 1/32 A6M5 Zero Fighter Zeke

    Hey Myke! This is awesome, I knew you'd get around to it eventually! I've been gone lately, and will be super busy up until June, but I'll definitely make sure to drop in everyday to check out the progress on this one. I know you'll do it justice man ;D
  13. Fruit

    Who plays Planetside 2?

    YOU. That's who! But in all seriousness, who here plays Planetside 2? It's an FTP, MMOFPS (Free to Play - Massively Multiplayer First Person shooter), buuut ----------------- it combines elements of infantry, vehicle, and air combat, and in a space of 64 km which players of up to...
  14. Fruit

    1/144 HGUC 08th MS Team Diorama

    That is looking absolutely gorgeous! I am a magic fairy of course, and I can make that wish come true... And presto! 1/35 scale :D
  15. Fruit

    Photo Etch Decals - Availability

    My $0.02 is that you should, if you have no physical disabilities that affect fine motor movements, focus on making the most of your models. Don't focus on quantity, but rather quality! Quality of course is subjective from person to person. I think quality means you look at a previous build, and...
  16. Fruit

    Anthem Airbrush problem

    Looks like it worked! Thanks guys! Now I know why most of you like these airbrushes ;D
  17. Fruit

    Anthem Airbrush problem

    Yeah, I've tried the small sheets that take jar covers off, and it definitely tore it down the middle. I did forget that I had some vice grips in the tool shed, so I'll try those later. Thanks for the quick responses guys, definitely appreciate it!
  18. Fruit

    Anthem Airbrush problem

    Hey guys! I just bought my first airbrush (Woot to the woot! ;D) but I'm having a problem unscrewing the head? I'm sure it's part 51-071. I've tried hand grips to needle nosed pliers, but the thing is not budging! My hand grips broke while trying to unscrew the head, and my pliers have...
  19. Fruit

    Your LHS, show and tell

    Mine is BCT Hobbies & Crafts - the owners are very helpful and very friendly. I occasionally get discounts when I make visits. I buy model infrequently there to at least put in some money into the store, but I really only go there to buy tools/sandpaper/paints. I'd love to buy models frequently...
  20. Fruit

    LEA and Paint?

    EDIT: Whoops! Can a mod move this to this area?,11.0.html I seem to have experienced a brain fart! Quick question guys, I've coated a sheet of paper with Model Master Clear Gloss Laquer straight from the rattle can. I must have coated...