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  1. 1964rac

    Ultimate Man Cave

    Hi, After my Zombie Killer Car, I thought I'd something else on the car front. I have become addicted to the programme "Storage Wars" and thought of doing something along those lines. After a quick flick around the inter-web I came across some images of cargo containers, 20 foot ones, and this...
  2. 1964rac

    Hello from Salisbury UK

    Just thought I'd say hello to fellow modellers and introduce myself. I come back to modelling about three years ago and finally decided to concentrate on figures of all scales and eras and rusted cars. I'm chairman of our local IPMS model club and attend a lot of show during the year, meeting a...
  3. 1964rac

    Camaro Z28 Dawn of the Apocalypse Zombie Car

    Hi, I purchase a couple of the Dark Word Creation Zombies the other day and saw the competition was to finish this Friday - but having been following SMA's Mustang on his YouTube channel he says it has been extended until the 31st Dec So Chaps, here is something I started a couple of weeks ago...