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    DAK Tiger

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on and while looking through the forum I saw what was going on here. I'm doing a shelf queen build on another site, so what better way to say hey again! This is a Tamiya Tiger I started about 4 months ago and after getting some tracks for it...
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    The Italian's are coming!

    Hey guys! Just got through with a trio of Italian aircraft. I sprayed all three with lifecolor paint, I used Tamiya enamels for the panel lines and a home made mix of grimy black and rust for the exhaust. Got lots of pics! Thanks for looking! [attachment deleted by admin]
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    upload folder full?

    Hi guys, I received the upload fold full error twice today. The first time I did have alot written plus pics so I tried just the pics and got the same response. Total KB for the pics is only 315. Just wondering if there was anything I did wrong? Maybe my computer? Please let me know...
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    Say Hello to Pete

    The votes are in and I will be starting the Pete. Here are some shots of the spures. The cockpit parts have already been sprayed (I have a bad habit of doing multiple cockpits at one time) with Tamiya IJN cockpit color. I will be respraying it with Mitsubishi interior green. Sorry no box shot...
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    A PBJ anyone?

    HI folks, I'm going to build a PBJ-1J. The PBJ was the marine corps designation for the B-25. The PBJ's differed from army B-25 in that they had a gun gas dispersion tube running along the front lower half of the fuselage. Early PBJ C&D's had a search radar installed in the belly which was...
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    Wittmanns Last Tiger

    Hey everyone thought I would share my latest build. I just finished the camo today. I'm using Life Color paints on the tiger, it's my first time using them. I gotta say it's pretty good paint, takes a little getting use to but I like it. Let me know what you think so far. [attachment deleted by...
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    new guys aircraft

    Here are some of my aircraft. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    New guy old tanks

    Here are some more of my tanks. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Hello everyone! My friend panzerman showed me this site awhile back and I have been hooked ever since! Sorry it's taken so long to say hi but every time I go on I get caught up looking at all the builds! I build WWII anything and some modern day in 1/35, 1/48, and 1/350. I am looking...