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  1. ModelMan

    Review: CC Discovery Command Module

    Yes, many nice chunks o' resin here! Updated 1st post with the 3-part preliminary construction guide, Outer Shell, Pod Bay and Flight Deck respectively. Enjoy!
  2. ModelMan

    Review: CC Discovery Command Module

    It was July/August, 2007 when Scott announced a limited run of 15 of these kits, the COmmand Module off his 11ft XD-1 Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Captain immediately got closer to 30 orders, mine amongst them. With expected delivery the following month, there was great...
  3. ModelMan

    C3PO & the other one 1/6 scale

    Cool. Nice to see another version of the character. This looks much better than the MPC I just built.
  4. ModelMan

    MPC Glow Vader & Pair o' Protocols These droids wrapped up last week and I've have been unexpectedly engaged in two, pseudo-secret projects since. I should be able to reveal all by the summer, can't...
  5. ModelMan

    MPC Glow Vader & Pair o' Protocols

    These three models serve as testbeds for upcoming jupiter2 work. Most of Vader was done in December. He sat until this recent session with alclad paints and was finished off. The minor metal on his body wasn't enough practice for the J2, so I broke out both of my 3-PO's as well. One was...
  6. ModelMan

    Alclad Chip Chart

    With the smooth 1/650 1701 on the market, what good is the old gridded saucer? Clockwise starting with the aluminums, then the 'precious metals', the burnts and exhausts, concluding with the two steels, magnesium and chrome going on midnight. The two Lexan metals are not represented as I...
  7. ModelMan

    The pseudo-annual ebay charity auction!

    Final'ish numbers are in! A total of 31 of 29 items sold to some 20 bidders for a total take of $436.01! $5 to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund $22.50 to the American Red Cross $31.57 to Doctors without Borders $44.90 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank $134.40 to the Blind Cat...
  8. ModelMan

    The pseudo-annual ebay charity auction!

    Thanks, guys! Hope you get what you want. Some of the bidding has become intensive. Arrived yesterday, Round 2 dropped another load of models on me. I've just added them to the auction with 1 day to go! AMT Top Gun F-14A Tomcat 1/72 1925 Model T Fruit Wagon 1/25 1997 Ford Mustang, 50Years...
  9. ModelMan

    The pseudo-annual ebay charity auction!

    Hey folks, up for grabs starting at $5 or $10 each are the following kits and such from me, Round 2 and Scale Model Addict Magazine! The 6th or 7th pseudo-annual ebay charity auction; Mar2014 Sci-fi: AMT Death Star, 1/420 Defiant, 1/1000 Romulan D-7, 1/2500 Romulan Warbird, The...
  10. ModelMan

    3 Foot TOS Galactica

    That could be a perfect compromise size! 6ft is clearly too humongous for anything else than a basement to display it in. The Monogram and Moebius are just too small. While a 3ft'r can be tucked into a nice, low-ceiling'ed display case in almost any room. The cost must be a buck at least...
  11. ModelMan

    source for fiber optics

    Cheers, Scott. I sell almost everything LED, except fiber optics. I cannot recommend enough Paul is the owner and a great guy to deal with. The one time I tried fishing line, the light transmission was negligible. It glowed dimly as far as the light's natural...
  12. ModelMan

    New Issue?

    Got mine in California this afternoon! :o Wow! What a change! A4 paper RULZ! Awesome content! Gorgeous look! Congrats.
  13. ModelMan

    New at Modeler's Brand: 2014!

    New at Modeler's Brand, 2014!
  14. ModelMan

    New at Modeler's Brand: 2014!

    Light the clear 1701-D without trenching the pylons! A construction guide is documented in this video playlist...
  15. ModelMan

    The 4th or 5th Pseudo-Annual ebay charity auction

    It's on! A few days in now, actually. Ends this Sunday night, Sept 1st! Details for the Pseduo-Annual Chairty Auction Aug2013! 32 items, half are kits, the rest are tools, supplies and good stuff! Check out the master list of items here. 100% goes...
  16. ModelMan

    Call for John Skerm

    Hi Jon, Congrats on winning! Scott sent me your name and address but didn't have your username available. I want to offer you your choice of Modeler's Brand prizes. Please om me thru this forum and we will get you your gear! Best, ModelMan, Tom
  17. ModelMan

    Classic MPC C-3PO and R2-D2 uber detail build: Completed!

    Re: Classic MPC C-3PO and R2-D2 uber detail build There are resistor calculators online that will let you enter the colors and get the value. I've got one on my phone. There are also charts. A 'resistor value chart' search should get you something. Generally, the LEDs themselves will all...
  18. ModelMan

    ebay charity auction

    Here's the wrap and the payoff. 3rd Semi-Annual Charity Wrap up! 2013 ~$160 to the Blind Cat Rescue Shelter ~$180 to Make A Wish ~$65 to the Los Angleles Regional Food Shelter $140 to help Steve Neill's wife afford to fight her two cancer battles. Additionally, WBPLenge of Hobbytalk donated...
  19. ModelMan

    Happy 2013!

    Happy New Year's from California, everyone!
  20. ModelMan

    OOB Review: 1/350TOS Enterprise and All Accessories!

    Cheers! Yeah, this was a full 40+hr week for the bulk of the reviews. The last 2 vids of the lights took me a month to get to and were a couple full days of work. Someday maybe this general kind of effort will get me a paycheck! lol.