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  1. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor + TIE Fighter

    Basically no paint! Another one with minimal paint and weathering! A bit "chunkier" than the Fine Molds, but still has the look :)
  2. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/144 X-Wings

    SIX of them!! WOOT! All custom decals.
  3. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/72 X-Wing Blue Leader

    Super quick 1-hr build know it was getting the minimalist paint treatment: white primer, insignia white base coat. No detail painting at all. Markings are custom decals mixed with tiny bits of scraps. I scoured over the refs for this one to replicate the weathering using Tamiya and MiG pigments...
  4. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/12 Clone Trooper

    For your viewing pleasure. Done in about 3 days. Built in 1 hr, decals applied over the course of a few hours on and off, clear coats and weathering. OH I also flat coated the black and glossed the white before assembly. Methinks this is a prime kit to make some add-ons. I'd love to make...
  5. nicholassagan

    1/4222 Assault Frigate

    I count this amongst the REPAIRED header. Rebel techs were known for cobbling together bits and pieces to make new ships. The Dreadnaught base is from the Republic Era and this ship lives on into the the New Republic era. I've been working on and off with a few projects and dug this one out of...
  6. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/14000 Star Destroyer

    Love this kit. A fleet approaches...... Ok Ok I know I don't have a starting pic with the time/date stamp, but I literally built this last week and just took pics today. If I'm hard pressed I'll conjure up my WIP pics w/ dates but hopefully you'll grant me a little grace here since this is...
  7. nicholassagan

    Spring cleaning!!

    In order to fund a new project I need to MOVE some stuff:::: Shipping $8 first item USPS Priority each additional $2 CONUS. International extra calculated. PayPal only please. Pics upon request but since most of these are in deep storage it might take a few days to dig out and snap. 1/20...
  8. nicholassagan

    1/72 TIE Interceptor of the 181st

    Fine Molds kit. This is the second time I've painted this scheme...this time for a client who like the other one. The base color is Tamiya Royal Gray out of the rattle can and I think it looks the part!! The red is maybe a little too saturated: I used AKAN's Flanker interior red. Anyway, I love...
  9. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/12 First Order Stormtroopers

    Yay! Great kits.
  10. nicholassagan

    1/72 First Order TIE a la Empire Strikes Back

    OK, home studio shots. Was home sick all week so I didn't have the energy to setup the full booth. I'd like to retake someday...but for now:
  11. nicholassagan

    My First Order Stormtrooper

    Wow. Super fast build. Maybe an hour? Tops? I cut the sprues down and packed them in my travel box. Most of him was built on the train ride into work today, then the rest on my break this morning. LOL. I thought about painting the sprues white and black but the plastic is already really nice an...
  12. nicholassagan

    FINALLY one for 2016: 1/144 Trumpeter Su-30MKK

    Some issues with the top coat but overall I'm just glad this is done after 10 months...
  13. nicholassagan

    100~ KITS! Best offers!

    2016 house cleaning sale!!! The following list are all ZIPLOCKED BUT COMPLETE!!! Some are parts on sprues and ziplocked, some are parts OFF sprues and ziplocked, and some are ziplocked on sprues but cut WITH the number. All kits should have either kit decals or aftermarket decals included. The...
  14. nicholassagan

    1/48 what-if Spitfire: Last build for 2015!

    Full Gallery
  15. nicholassagan

    What-if: 1/48 Spitfire MkVb Night Interceptor

    Just a little fun with an easy kit.
  16. nicholassagan

    COMMISSION: 1/2256 Avenger and Acclamator

    Big commission project on the heels of the last MC-80/30 diorama. Anigrand’s Avenger and JPG’s Acclamator cruisers. The latter will be a Clone Wars deco. Lots of parts, lots of resin. The Acclamator builds up pretty easily. There was a minor amount of warpage to correct on the lower hull. I...
  17. nicholassagan

    1/32 Rey's Speeder project

    Disney’s die cast version. Close to 1/32? We’ll see…I’m going to dig out my Industria Mechanika Sasha to see how well they fit…then probably a dio will be in the works.
  18. nicholassagan

    MVM 1/72 I-7 Howlrunner Dual Build

    They’re building up super easily and cleanly. Maybe took 30 minutes to assemble both at most (with a bit of light sanding and scoring on a couple of joining surfaces). I accidentally put the nozzles on before joining the hulls so I had to shave a little bit down but all is well! The canopies...
  19. nicholassagan

    Revell 1/43 EpVII Special Forces TIE Fighter

    I little embarrassed to share this in the "finished work" area since it took literally 2 minutes to put together. Looks good for the most part. I, however, will not put the effort into upgrading this kit when the Bandai one (IN A PROPER SCALE) will be available later this year. :D For now...
  20. nicholassagan

    End of Summer Sale List!

    ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CONUS, +$5-10 int'l PayPal only please, pics upon request...though the zipped kits are in storage so it's a hassle :( BOXED kits 1/144 F-14D (Trumpeter) $15 1/72 MiG-23S Flogger B (Hasegawa) $20 1/72 MiG-29A Fulcrum (Airfix) $15 1/72 Rafale M (Hobby Boss) $20...