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  1. spud

    Dragon Jagedpanther G2

    New Year New project :D I needed some motivation to finish up some stuff and well the best way is to start something new Right ? Im not sure where this will go yet Istarted with teh suspension and wheels and got that all ready, Then i added some Texture to the Hull Today I will be getting...
  2. spud


    So who won this ? Or is that up to Chris to pick the winner ?
  3. spud

    BMW Z4 GT3

    This is the Kit So I don't think this is a real Team but i Run it on my Car in Project cars and it look's Dam good, So i will be remaking this Sceme on the Z4 Ive Made a start on the Decals While i wait on my Zero paints to arive, The Decals So far. I put a Black background so you can see...
  4. spud

    Tamiya M20

    So started this last week no progress pics because it went together when i dropped the glue :D I Ordered this for it to sit on, I will be getting these chaps to go beside the house so it will be some kind of...
  5. spud

    Diorama Winter Survivors

    Category: Diorama Name of Build: Winter Survivors Kit manufacturer: Tamiya, Alpine Scale: 1/35 Description The Dio is a built with alpine figures and Tamiya kits also a mix of Hornet head sets. I have also used aftermarket wheels and accessories on the Schwimwagen. The base is made from...
  6. spud

    Tamiya Jagedpanzer IV/70(v) Lang

    Ok ive paid my dues ;D Not sure if this will be Diorama or just a stand alone build, but i do have an idea for a Dio, So Time will tell if that gets done :D
  7. spud

    CyberHobby Sd.kfz 251/2 Aufs C

    So i looked at the instructions for the Puma the other day and i just couldn't get going with them instructions. there a nightmare to read and kill the mojo, so i dug this guy out to get me motoring again The Kit. although i think mine is older because my box doesn't have this on the back like...
  8. spud

    T34 Turret base

    Needed something todo today so dug this out and had some fun, ill find a fig for it but for now its just some play time with paint,
  9. spud

    Andre Minatures 90mm sniper

    taught i had a post for this here but any how here is my Andrea mins 90mm german Sniper only some tough ups to fix but he is done :)
  10. spud

    Dragon pz Iv

    Ok the feckers over on have been teasing m again and my tolerance to resistance is really low on this stuff. So its going to be fun as this will be my First pz IV. im not going for accuracy on this as its going to be a kind of what if. so i can have fun and thats...
  11. spud

    Hett + D9R Its big

    Yep Hobbyboss M1070 Hett & M1000 Trailer Carrying Mengs D9R. Ive been wanting a good subject for the rear of this since i bought it last year, I was going to put a tusk Abrams on the back but after Tamiya's one was priced at almost €80 i put it on the burner for a while longer then Meng...
  12. spud

    Another 1/48 Tiger

    Yep i Love this things :) there small but big enough to give plenty of detail :) This one will be a Dio and i Found the perfect pic. First off the Kit I will be Adding the voyger PE set to it, I will also be adding fruils and a metal barrel but i Need some help before i can start, Im...
  13. spud

    Spuds Prizes no Vid :D

    yes no Vid ;) Ok here are the winners of my Prizes Pm me your Details Please. Sven Harjacek : 1/72 RQ-1 Predator rookie : DVD AFV Acrylic Techniques THE NEW ONE : AMT 1/25 1955 Chevy Cameo Pick-up Eastrock : Trumpeter M1129 Stryker Mortar Carrier Vehicle MC-B Ian : HobbyBoss RSOV w/MK19...
  14. spud

    CelticWerks 38(t) Wedge

    So I started on the Wedge ive decided to use the AK panzer grey modulation set to try and get some more life into it. Ill also be using some AK Stencils on it it or i May rob the set i have for the Trumpeter kit, Still more painting to be done later this is just the first 2 paint of the set...
  15. spud

    Scale 75 Medieval Knight

    Am i Mad ? this is my First figure of this scale where i have some kind of an idea of what to do and im excited by that :) ive no idea whats in the box, but i think its a metal fig as its kinda heavy, and has 2 head options. any how here it is
  16. spud

    Tamiya Famo with V1 cargo

    here we go the Big one, up until 4 days ago i had no idea what to make then i was rewiring my net and found this at the bottom of a pile at the back out of sight, it was a Christmas pressy from herself for Christmas before last. So Famo with a V1 for Cargo. i hope it fits.... if teh V1 needs to...
  17. spud

    F1 fans get the tissues ready.

    This is Bloody Epic onboard with Gerhard Berger at Estoril In Portugal in 1989 1H45mins of it thats a Ferrari btw
  18. spud

    Steve Neill

    I know some you guys watch Steve Neill on You tube, Ive not done so in a while but something told me i should tonight, Well his wife Passed Away, So say a prayer for him because he needs all the support he can get right now,
  19. spud

    DML Stug IV Early Production

    It will be either Italy or East Prussia paint Scheme Im going to try and keep this OOB to speed it up and keep cost down but if the barrel isnt slide molded that will have to be replaced and if the tracks are a pain in the Ass they will too ill get the T-62 done by paddy's day :)
  20. spud

    LAH Officer Kharkov. Alpine

    To go with the Fig i just Finished im going to put this chap in with him in a dio :) I will use one of my Dragon Willis Jeeps to set the Scene. so when this is all said and done Back to the T-62