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  1. Eastrock

    Auto: Revell Audi A4 DTM 2011

    Joining in the SMA contest Got this kit from a friend, didn't bother to check since I don't usually build Revell especially with skill level 4... full caution and patience is required... Just hope my skill level can finish this one in time... as the mandatory pic... Cheers!!!
  2. Eastrock

    Auto Scion FRS

    Category: Auto Name of Build: Scion FRS Kit manufacturer: Aoshima Scale: 1/24 Description Painted with Bosny Signal Red, added with Aoshima Detail-Up parts for Toyota 86 / FRS and Aoshima GT-Wing Series, Custom Decals by Thundervolts Decals. Finished with Microtex NanoGlos wax...
  3. Eastrock

    1/24 Aoshima Toyota 86 Done

    Hello SMA!!! Good to day to all Here's my Entry for the BSC 2015 1/24 Aoshima Toyota 86... my variant will be The Scion FRS Thanks for checking it out, Cheers!!!
  4. Eastrock

    LBX Ikaros Zero from Bandai

    a very easy snap build kit, its transformable like the transformers... for example Megatron turns into a cannon, this one can turn into 2 swords. Started on the head, instead of using the decals I'll be doing an alternative masking and painting to make more real rather than a toy... I just...
  5. Eastrock

    Trumpeter 1/35 T-62 BDD

    Here's my Entry for the Armor Category Good luck to Everyone!!! Cheers!! ER
  6. Eastrock

    1/35 ESCI LAV25 Command Vehicle

    This is a donated kit given by friend of mine with no decals and instruction, since I'm havin a weekend boredom decide to rip it open and check the net for reference and one site pops out then I decided to follow the instruction. my only problem is the wheels is not very accurately molded. have...
  7. Eastrock

    Revell 1/25 1960 corvette Skips Fiesta

    The kit was given to me already been assembled but not painted, I have to give it a try since this is my first time to build a civilian car, I need to tear down as far as possible and make some corrections and a lot of fillers needed. since Photobucket is acting most of the pictures are unable...
  8. Eastrock

    ESCI SD.KFZ 10/4 Demag

    I got this kit from a friend and started check in what store inside, as we all know most ESCI had issues... ok here a sprue shot of the kit. it was manufactured in 1983, even the plastic was printed made in Italy, much of the parts had a lot of flash, some parts are deformed and oversize. a...
  9. Eastrock

    For Gundam Lovers GunPLA 2012

    well this is the time, that I wish I have my camera in service Bag!!! Good thing the event will go on for a week and I still have next weekend to get some pictures, for now this is the first batch, will post the all the entries soon... The Unicorn Gundam, up coming movie!!! Armor Core...
  10. Eastrock

    1/35 Challenger 2 TES 2008

    Hi herds, Here's my armor entry for the BSC 2012 this will be a combination of PE and Scratch build especially the Barracuda Netting and the RWS. Thanks for looking!!! ER
  11. Eastrock

    Panda MRAP something you need to know

    Hi all I don't want to be rude or something!! but you guys need to know about this first, before buying the Panda MRAP... first of all the test shot looks promising but there's is something else within the production line. I'm not sour graping and I came upon this tread...
  12. Eastrock

    1/35 DML Tiger 1 Late Production 212 Tank

    Hi guys!!! Just acquired this beast from a fellow IPMS member, this kit is kinda hard to comeback and didn't think twice to buy it at a very low price. Thanks, Komrade!!! I will be this one a side build, It will took longer since there's a lot of stuff inside the box. its has pack with PE...
  13. Eastrock

    Academy 1/35 1025 Armament Carrier

    Hi Herds, Here's my entry for the seal GB, will be doing strictly OBB since I'm also entering this one in the OOB category started with the hood, remove much of the injection pins. I was planning to put aluminium foil on the flooring but it would mark as an improvement. Thanks for looking
  14. Eastrock

    Revell North American X-15 Experimental Aircraft

    As a promise to John aka Bad Grendel I also started to build the prize I received from him, this year competition. :) to start off, I started with the external fuel tanks. a lot of sanding it needed (I think) for the whole plane the tanks had some fitting issue, I need to remove the guide...
  15. Eastrock

    Dragon 1/350 USS Arleigh Burke Class

    Hi Herds!! I'll be doing my first ship as a side build... from armors and aircraft. the Dragon kit consist of 3 grey sprues, 1 sheet of PE for the railings and for the parts of the bow (I think) and the lower hull. decals are made by Cartograf. optional build from DDG-51 (Arleigh Burke) to...
  16. Eastrock

    Hobby Boss 1/72 SH-60 SeaHawks: Completed!

    Herds, this will be my entry for the Air Group Build... the sprue shot I already posted it on the kit review, to save some space :) as of now, mostly I did some cockpit assembly and rotor and still cleaning the 2 halves. Thanks for looking!!
  17. Eastrock

    Hobbyboss 1/72 SH-60b Seahawk

    First of all its a straight forward build, 2 color scheme the primary color is Grey, secondary Blue (Saberhawks) and Black (Seahawks), a full page of instruction with 4 grey styrene and 1 clear styrene. Thanks for looking!
  18. Eastrock

    In Box Review Academy F-22a Raptor 1/72

    Here's an inbox review of the academy F-22a Raptor 1/72, got this kit for about under $20 USD. 1. There are 2 sets of clear sprues for the cannopy(clear and gold) optional 2. 3 sprues of fine and crisp mold, except for a few injection marks 3. It has optional open or close bomb bay doors 4. 4...
  19. Eastrock

    DML M1A1 AIM

    Here's an my entry and update for the Big Spring Contest, I just borrowed again the camera for the WIP... comments are much appreciated and Thanks for looking guys!!! as for now sanding and fitting, small parts have been glued, correction regarding the manual...
  20. Eastrock

    About Coast Guard color

    Hi guys, need your help regarding the coast guard color. which is best the universal orange or the chevy engine red? both paints are hard to find in my location, If I use Tamiya acrylic what ratio do I have to mix, when Orange is the Main color? read from the other forums that its a bit of...