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  1. Chas

    1:35 Pointe-du-Hoc diorama FOR SALE!

    Bank account is under some stress so I need to sell this diorama which I completed about a year ago. You can view the build log over on Armorama. If anybody is interested, send me...
  2. Chas

    Material from nature - Vol 1: Ferns

    I'll start posting stuff I have found around the garden/neighbourhood which can be used for diorama making. You have no excuse to buy generic P.E! :o ;D My latest find. Found these little guys on the beach this morning. Perfect for 1:35 ferns, after a bit of paint. A nice little shoot which...
  3. Chas

    WANTED: Kits, will pay top dollar

    To kick start this forum, I guess I shall put down my wanted list: I am looking for this kit: I am also looking for a 1:35 Dragon Japanese infantry kit. I will pay top dollar. Chas
  4. Chas

    Forum read me

    Post here anything to do with lighting models. LED, wiring, solder etc. Tutorials on rigging up circuits inside models are welcome! Tutorials on how to prevent models from melting and/or exploding are also welcome!! ;D
  5. Chas

    Desert Rat WWII bust

    G'day. Thought I'd share this to inspire any figure modellers lurking around. I hope that you find the excellent photography, documentation and explanation of the techniques useful...
  6. Chas

    Take a tip from Calvin

    G'day, One of the biggest and most common questions in Figure modelling is 'how do I paint faces?' Well, take a tip or two from Calvin Tan, one of the most accomplished figure painters on the planet. He recently released this tutorial, showing how to build up layers with Vallejo acrylic to...
  7. Chas

    Japanese Paratrooper

    Hey guys. A recently completed 1:35 vignette showing a Japanese paratrooper advancing through the jungle at Palembang, Sumatra 1942. And a b&w picture just for fun. More info and the build log can be seen here...
  8. Chas

    1:35 Lamp post

    Here is something I did recently. I can't claim credit for designing the circuit as a friend sent me the actual LED. But, I put all the pieces together and came up with this (unpainted). Hope you like. Chas
  9. Chas

    Singapore 1942 diorama

    I'm building a 1:35 diorama of this scene. This is where I am at so far. Latest figure glued together. Now to flesh out. An exercise in scratchbuilding. You can read all about my build here...
  10. Chas


    I feel right at home saying G'day. Chas from Australia says hello. Exciting site Scott. I'll be following what goes on regularly. Chas ;)