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  1. Vknight401

    any news for secret santa 2016?

    almost that time of the year again
  2. Vknight401

    Rhode Island Modelers

    anyone from Rhode Island besides myself and adampolo?
  3. Vknight401

    Revell Kits F/S

    i am looking to unload a couple kits just send me some reasonable offers. i am located in Rhode Island 02920 Zip Armageddon Space Shuttle and Space Station Star Wars Snap Landspeeder Revell Ford T Big tub
  4. Vknight401

    Monogram Jinx Express Manual

    Does anyone have the manual they can scan or photograph for me? i bought a sealed one but it didn't have the manual
  5. Vknight401

    1/24 Revell LaFerrari Second entry

    while waiting for the parts i need for my dodge challenger build i will be doing another entry
  6. Vknight401

    1/25 2009 Dodge Challenger

    my first SMA contest entry hope i finish it
  7. Vknight401

    DONE: 1967 Corvette commission

    my fathers boss asked if i could recreate his fathers 67 vette and i said i could. his corvette is a coupe with sidepipes but the only vette i found with sidepipes that was a coupe was the 1/12 kit, so i bought the convertible vette which had the sidepipes and a coupe. i looked over the kit...
  8. Vknight401

    FS : Few Nice Kits

    Just toss me offers, these kits need to go to pay bills. Dragon 1/72 S-61A Sea King "Antarctica Observation" - everything is still sealed Revell Airbus A400M " Grizzly" - Couple parts have been snipped off to test the cargo hold size Fujimi Mercedes Benz RB Trekking Bicycle Fujimi...
  9. Vknight401

    looking for some stuff on a certain model kit

    looking for some stuff on a certain model kit i can't seem to find any information on it. Aoshima Honda CR-V they made a couple different ones but i can't find information/instructions for the one i have, photos below
  10. Vknight401

    AMT Millennium Falcon

    while cleaning out one of my closets i found this AMT falcon that i had for around 9 years, i did built part of it (the landing legs) when i first got the kit. it seems complete and the clear parts are still bubble wrapped just toss me an offer
  11. Vknight401

    Quick n' Dirty Corporation Director

    Dark Potential is nearly dead but i still have some miniatures from it.
  12. Vknight401

    Revell 32 Ford Street Rod

    i wanted a fast kit i could have finished in a week but the mold wasn't good and it took a lot of sanding, the hood still doesn't really line up well. i will attempting to fit the 427 ford engine from the revell parts pak
  13. Vknight401

    2 Ford Trucks Finished

    these trucks were commissioned by my fathers boss
  14. Vknight401

    Decal Printing

    hello i am currently working on 2 commissions that need to be done before xmas and i need some decals made i will provide the files so all it needs is to be printed it needs to be white
  15. Vknight401

    metal model help

    hello my fathers boss asked me to paint up 2 model kits for him one was a simple 40 ford plastic kit but the other kit is metal. the issue is the company that did painted a thick shiny white coat on it. i usually use purple power to remove paint from models but will it work on a high gloss...
  16. Vknight401

    1/25 Peterbilt 359 bash

    i'm not sure if i will finish it but here is my first wip pic
  17. Vknight401

    Selling a couple kits from my stash

    bills are catching up so time to unload some of the unique stuff from my stash. i couldn't find any prices for these and can't find them on ebay. both are by fujimi 1/8 Mercedes Benz RB Trekking bike 1/8 Porsche Bike the mercedes has 2 open bags the porsche has 1 bag open nothing clipped...
  18. Vknight401

    Dragon 1/72 Saturn V

    i had to use my cell phone for the photo. i taped the main parts together to see how much space i will need.
  19. Vknight401

    Dragon Saturn V

    i just picked up the dragon 1/72 Saturn V kit and it had no decals. so i called the warehouse i got it from and none of the kits had decals. does this kit not come with the decals?
  20. Vknight401


    i am looking for someone to print out some decals for me. its for my new project i am making a f150 lightning look like the work truck. images below