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  1. the Baron

    Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?

    There are similarities-you have specialized tools and materials in both; you follow instructions, whether to follow a recipe or instruction sheet, or intuitively, based on your experience; and presentation is definitely a part of both. I like to do both, and if I think about it, I probably...
  2. the Baron


    Regarding HobbyBoss, I've only built 2 of their kits so far. One is their 1/700 USS Arizona kit, which I started as a project to convert it to her sister, the Pennsylvania, circa 1935. That kit isn't so good. It's a Chinese grandchild, via Banner, of the old Revell kit, with soft detail, and...
  3. the Baron


    Nice finish! How did you do the camo?
  4. the Baron


    My favorite graffitto on the Wall was, "Someone Had to Lose".
  5. the Baron

    Bringing someone new into the hobby

    How young is the person? If it's a young kid, under 9, say, I might even just find a snap-together kit and let him work on it, and just answer questions as they are asked, as the others have suggested. I have a nephew who is 6, and to give him a taste of building models, I got him a...
  6. the Baron

    Comment by 'the Baron' in media 'Ma.K. Falke XL'

    This is an interesting concept, Momo! What is the front cover of the cockpit going to be-solid, or clear?
  7. the Baron

    Watson on Mars

    I saw your post of this in the Maschinen Krieger forum, but it's even better here to see your progress pics, Momo! This is a beautiful conversion! I built my first Gustav a couple of months ago, the old Nitto kit. I assembled the suit with the pilot separate, so I could paint him. I figured...
  8. the Baron

    1/72 Revell Handley Page Victor

    Yeah, those intakes are poorly engineered, to be sure. I wonder if a Flex-i-File would work to sand the puttying smooth?
  9. the Baron

    Modelling Show in Munster 2019

    Did you post this on Facebook, too? If you did, I'd like to share the Camel photo with the Kow Yokoyama and MaK North America groups. I thought I saw this come across my news feed there, but I can't find it anymore.
  10. the Baron

    The Eternal Struggle

    See, now, I saw the title, "The Eternal Struggle," and thought it was going to be a lady and her suitor! :D Great vignette, and I love seeing all your steps, especially for sketching your design, to picture what it will be.
  11. the Baron

    Reply text box disabled in Firefox 67.0

    Thanks for the resolution!
  12. the Baron

    Reply text box disabled in Firefox 67.0

    The changes you made in response to my other thread, about "Likes" and the confirmation page, appear to have resolved this issue, too. The text editor box is now enabled. Were those settings you updated always set to the values they had before you changed them? I ask, because I'm still...
  13. the Baron

    Disabling confirmation page for Likes

    Your changes worked, I can click Like now without getting the confirmation page. Thanks for the resolution! Also, they resolved the text edit box issue. The box is enabled for me here in this thread.
  14. the Baron

    Modelling Show in Munster 2019

    Thanks for sharing your photos, Chris! Nice to see some Maschinen Krieger in the mix! That's a nice Camel!
  15. the Baron

    Doppelkonig mit Pommes

    I use the same technique on my Maschinen Krieger builds. I prime with Army Painter matte black enamel, and then use water-based or Tamiya acrylics for the color coats. Then I can scuff the acrylics off for wear and tear with the green scouring pads.
  16. the Baron

    Reply text box disabled in Firefox 67.0

    Yes, I got 67.0.2, too, yesterday or the day before. The only blockers I have are those included with the browser. Content blocking in FF is set to Standard. My security software is McAfee Security Scan Plus. They push out frequent updates, too, so it's possible that something they've pushed...
  17. the Baron

    HMS ILLUSTRIOUS 1:350 waterline

    That's a beautiful finish, Peza, and that's a nice tribute to an old tar, well done! I like the camouflage particularly, your care with masking paid off. Yeah, we've all been there! ;) Who makes this kit, by the way?
  18. the Baron

    Reply text box disabled in Firefox 67.0

    The text editor is disabled when it's called from the Post Thread link, too, to add a new thread in any forum.
  19. the Baron

    Disabling confirmation page for Likes

    Is there a way to disable the additional confirmation that we have to respond to, when we choose to "Like" a post? I looked in my profile for anything, like a preference, that would allow me to turn it off, but I haven't found anything yet. If it is a forum-wide setting, I'd like to suggest...
  20. the Baron

    Reply text box disabled in Firefox 67.0

    Only 2, which Mozilla installed and activated as a default: Cisco's OpenH264 Video Codec Google's Widevine Content Decryption Module The OpenH264 codec shows it was updated on 24. May. That jibes with my suspicion that this has happened because of the latest Firefox updates. I find that...