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  1. Captain Han Solo

    My 1:350 TOS Enterprise

    Sincere thanks!
  2. Captain Han Solo

    My 1:350 TOS Enterprise

    Here is my 1/350 Enterprise. The model was totally air brushed mixed colors to represent the filming miniature as seen in 1966. I worked extra hard on getting the Engine lights as correct as I could in this scale. I strive for scale lighting to insure realism of the model. It is seen here in...
  3. Captain Han Solo

    My Jupiter 2 Adventures! Scale models.

    Here is another edit of my Irwin Allen tribute to the Lift off and Crash landing of the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space. It is a continuing project I thought I would Share. It features my scale model work in an attempt to recreate the adventures of the Jupiter 2. Its intentional Black and White to...
  4. Captain Han Solo

    My 16" Land of the Giants Spindrift.

    One more picture! Love this ship!


  6. Captain Han Solo

    My SEAVIEW Build.



  8. Captain Han Solo

    My SEAVIEW Build.

    Another one of a kind build I am lucky to have! I love the Irwin Allen stable of programs(Voyage to the Bottom Of The Sea, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants), and one of my all time favorite subjects is the Seaview submarine from Voyage. Here we have my build/reconstruction of a...
  9. Captain Han Solo

    My Bandai 1:72 Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon build.

    To me, this is the best plastic injection model kit ever produced of a SCI FI Vehicle, Other than the inclusion of the full size set cockpit(I quickly disgarded), It is a bang on copy of the 5' Filming miniature. I am not interested in correcting any mistakes as most ego centric manufactures do...
  10. Captain Han Solo

    My 16" Land of the Giants Spindrift.

    After spending a lot of time making someone else's, I felt like taking some pictures of my personal 16" SPINDRIFT from Land of the Giants. Land of the Giants expert, Mark Joseph Dorais used files cast from the original HERO filming miniature. This 16"model was hollow cast with no interior. I...
  11. Captain Han Solo

    My 1:72 C57D from Forbidden Planet.

    Thanks again my friend! I have the smaller version as well, complete with spinning motor and lights! No, it doesn't come apart. YES..I will share some more pictures of the lit interior! I want to build another and go all out on it!
  12. Captain Han Solo

    My 1:72 C57D from Forbidden Planet.

    Here are some pictures i just took of my original release Polar Lights Forbidden Planet C57D Star Cruiser. I built this beast way back in 2001and it's been sitting on a shelf in my storage/work area since then! I dusted it off, put in new batteries and took some photos! I hope to do another...
  13. Captain Han Solo

    My original MPC Millennium Falcon build...with mods!

    I thought I had thrown this in the trash long ago, but the recent posts about the rerelease of this kit with corrections had me check my storage area. My modified MPC original issue 1/87 Star Wars Millennium Falcon. What I did… Completely scratch built cockpit and cockpit tube. "Cool shade"...
  14. Captain Han Solo

    My 1:32 Fantastic Voyage PROTEUS build.

    And a temporary base...
  15. Captain Han Solo

    My Jupiter 2 lift off and Crash landing!

    My LOST IN SPACE Tribute... The Lift off and Crash of the Jupiter 2!