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  1. rastanz

    1/144 Bandai Millennium Falcon Complete Build Log.

    Wow, I haven't visited this thread in a long time. Thanks for the revival and great video btw, using the single pipe to light those lamps is brilliant. Considering that the 1/144 size doesn't allow for much internal hardware or lighting circuitry to be added, your layout is extremely tidy. The...
  2. rastanz

    Titanic build

    That's looking real good.
  3. rastanz

    Merry Christmas!!!... Happy 2023!!!

    Instead of starting a new thread, I just added to the title of this one. Happy 2023 modeler family, may you all have a safe, exciting and prosperous New Year!
  4. rastanz

    Titanic build

    I'm confident you will find a kit that will suit your budget as there are smaller cheaper versions out there but not as highly detailed. The kit I have is sort of sized in between what's available. I decided to get a 1/350 sized kit as it's not too big that it will take up too much space and it...
  5. rastanz

    Titanic build

    Have you started on your build yet? I'll be keen for some expert advice on the 1/350 Academy Titanic myself, I bought the kit dirt cheap from a local auction, I also bought the wooden deck upgrade, 3D printed funnels and PE parts which actually costed more than the kit itself I think the most...
  6. 1-350 Titanic 04.jpg

    1-350 Titanic 04.jpg

  7. 1-350 3D Prints.jpg

    1-350 3D Prints.jpg

  8. 1-350 PE.jpg

    1-350 PE.jpg

  9. 1-350 Wooden Deck.jpg

    1-350 Wooden Deck.jpg

  10. rastanz


    Welcome to the board! very cool dio.
  11. rastanz

    Merry Christmas!!!... Happy 2023!!!

    Merry Christmas fellow modelers, hope you all have a safe and awesome season holiday!!! ❄️
  12. rastanz

    1/48 Great Wall Hobby P-61B - Lady in the Dark

    That super detailing is outstanding!
  13. rastanz


    Greetings Gene and welcome to the boards! :cool:
  14. rastanz

    Hello Everybody!!

    Hi Joe and welcome!!! Hot Rodding? That's a seriously cool hobby!!!
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    Hi Andy and welcome aboard!!! :cool:
  16. rastanz

    New to this modeling forum

    40 years? Its more than likely I'll learn a few tricks from you!!! Welcome and enjoy your time here!!! :cool:
  17. rastanz

    Hello :)

    Welcome!!! You will find modeling in plastic will be as much fun as modeling in paper :cool:
  18. rastanz

    New old guy from Missouri

    Welcome to the forum!!! :cool:
  19. rastanz

    Galileo Shuttle 2022 1:32 Scale with Interior

    Off to a great start
  20. rastanz

    Hello from the deep south!

    Greetings and welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay! :cool: