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    WWII Pacific Navy aircraft in 1/72

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    WWII Pacific Navy aircraft in 1/72

    ah, your right, I forgot the "F", thanks!
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    Spoils of war

    Off to a great start. I like the composition of the scene
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    WWII Pacific Navy aircraft in 1/72

    On the bench still are the Academy Helldivers and the Flyhawk Dauntless both those kits are incredible detail wise, even better than the Tamiya Corsair both kits also have photo-etch for the dive brakes as well as the ability to pose the canopies in their open states and the Flyhawk one...
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    WWII Pacific Navy aircraft in 1/72

    Next is the Tamiya F4U Corsair. I did this as the USS Bunker Hill markings (the other option was for a Marines one) since I had the TBF in those markings I figured he needed some fighter cover The Tamiya kit is far superior to the old Academy ones in both detail and engineering, but still...
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    WWII Pacific Navy aircraft in 1/72

    Having nearly completed the Trumpeter 1/700 USS Yorktown it kind of stoked my desire for kits of the aircraft (I still have more aircraft and some touch up paint for some of the added guns/antenna and flight deck) At any rate, I searched for proper kits of the various aircraft used, and so I...
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    My experiments with chrome paint and clear coat

    The markers I have no idea. I am guessing those are the molotow chrome ones? The Green Stuff world dries pretty quick, roughly same amount of time as normal acrylic paints like Vallejo from what I remember, and I have have no problem handling the miniature when dry even without it being sealed...
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    Rust Hues

    I am so sorry, the color I meant was Burnt Sienna, not Burnt Umber. I always get those two names confused and just double checked my paint tube on my workbench