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    Test fitting questions.

    I would imagine its a combination of different things, some gundam builders use the blue tac for wall posters to hold things in place, i could imagine on the image with the door and body some is pressed on the back to hold the door in place. I think, at the end of the day unless you plan on...
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    US Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio

    I went for the first time ever earlier this year. I spent the majority of my time in the last hanger with all the old experimentals and loved every minute of it. I had seen so many things there on video shot in the 50's and 60's, but to see them in person was really special. i plan on going back...
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    I think i've found ideal putty for my models

    completely agree with the odor lol. But this particular one is all in one. No hardener. And yes you do have to work fast lol. I like to use it out in the garage.
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    LONG SHOT... Clear enterprise D

    awesome thank you
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    LONG SHOT... Clear enterprise D

    Does anyone have a 1:1400 Clear enterprise D that they would like to sell? Willing to pay a little more than MSRP. I have a conversion kit coming for a nebula class and i would love to not have to drill out all those windows...
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    IMPS National Plastic Model Contest 2023 in San Marcus Texas

    I was there. I saw countless different kinds. It might be that there was a kind of preference that the person who made the video preferred? I don't know. There was rusted ships and things like that. Weathered Gundams. I saw exhaust on airplanes. I cannot express the magnitude of how many entries...
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    9v power options?

    Hi all I was working on a starship with the idea of taking it to a upcoming ipms event. No idea if I'll finish in time but I know there will not be a power supply situation available and I will need to power it independently. The system should work for 9v. Just trying to see if anyone is aware...
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    Now… Voyager…

    Can someone answer a question about this kit? I'm thinking about starting one and I'm wondering why the detail at the top of the saucer is usually removed and the photo etch put in its place? All the parts behind the bridge. I'm looking at mine and the detail is crisp, why do most ppl replace it...
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    ModelMania 2023

    Model Mania 2023 this weekend! Actually gonna take pictures and try to post this time. Anybody in the area entering anything?
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    Now… Voyager…

    looks awesome. I built one up probably over 10 years ago now and sadly she was wrecked in a move. i really need to build another. She looks so good all lit up. Nice work on those windows!
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    1/100 Grimgerde

    Thank you, the competition was pretty good though. I'd rather loose to better models than win because I'm the only entry lol
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    1/100 Grimgerde

    I took the opportunity to take a small road trip to San Antonio last weekend, and was able to enjoy the Model Fiesta Hobby Show. This year was limited space, so they had restricted entries to one per category. Since I primarily build gundam type model kits, it limited me on what categories I...
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    Was planning on going to MoodelFiesta 41 this weekend, but i have never been. Has anyone ever been there and have any feelings about their contest? Is it prety much like all the other IPMS shows? Thanks
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    A little help spraying acrylics?

    in the end i think it wasnt thinned enough/ also i think i had water in my hose. after fumbling for a couple of days it seemed to start working just fine. So strange but i guess after the move and switching to painting in the spare garage bay i have to adapt to new circumstances. thanks everone...
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    A little help spraying acrylics?

    so im trying t achieve a finer blended result, and its coming out like this, multiple times on different colors. It must be something im doing but have no clue lol
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    A little help spraying acrylics?

    The greenish one was painted with lacquers, where i sprayed a dark brown base and then green on top of it, the darker grey was sprayed with a dark grey acrylic and then i tried airbrushing a light layer on top and it did this.
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    A little help spraying acrylics?

    the needle is .3mm if that's what your asking. maybe a different way to ask is does acrylic paint atomize the same as lacquer? its hard to describe other than it seems like when i spray lacquers its incredibly fine, but when trying to highlight areas with acrylic Tamiya its nowhere near as fine...