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  1. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    And there's the first problem I have with these decals... the Goodyear logo is wrong for these tyres. The older lettering is much thinner, more lightweight. Later Goodyear logos are thicker/bolder. Unless I can find some more period correct whites, I may leave them off. Thanks though...for the...
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  3. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    Well, I am happy with this. Used some old 1/4 blue vinyl tape (from my airbrushing days). I referenced some original 1966 photos to see the exact placement of the red "eyes". I think I got it pretty close...close enuf for my eyes. And the red paint is real nice. Aqueous again. Red #327 I'll...
  4. nose red gt40.jpg

    nose red gt40.jpg

  5. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    I've resprayed everything to match the center cabin section. And I can live with it. For some reasons, the doors will not match. They're closer, but still not the same blue. I don't know why, except for the fact that I primered the doors more than once because I was filling the roof holes, etc...
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  8. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    Since I am a paper modeler, I am incorporating some paper model elements into this kit. I've been working on the interior tub, and one of the things I didn't like was the chrome parts that fit along each side of the fuel tanks. Just inside the doors, these are supposed to be a channel cover...
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    New to air brushing...what paints to buy?

    I have put every type of paint you can imagine through an airbrush. House paint, enamels, automotive lacquers and urethanes, poster paint, inks, acrylics and canvas oils... Not always with great success, but it can be done! Any paint can be used in an airbrush as long as it's properly thinned...
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    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    Plodding along...I am jumping back and forth, all over the place... I mixed a decent Arcadian Blue (Ford colour) and gave the body parts a spray. Maybe a mistake...I'll explain later. *Wow! are there so many different Arcadian Blues on the Internet! Both from paint companies and modelers who...
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  15. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    How long has it been? ...April was my last post. yeah, been busy rebuilding a couple of websites and finishing up my latest tabletop game. Finally got it published last month, and now free (for a while) to get back at this GT40 model. Last post I made was about the Tires and wheels. I now...
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  18. airdave

    My model room & bedroom

    wow. just reading this. amazed by the room. stunned by the events that have unfolded. good luck and best wishes to you both.
  19. airdave

    Alternative fuel for my Zippo lighter

    I'm sure there are a lot of overweight males here, but this isn't the first place I would ask the question "what are these chest pains and how do I stop that annoying noise in my car?" [answer: "tell her to get out and walk."] hey, I'm just yanking yer chain. You posted your topic in the...
  20. airdave

    Alternative fuel for my Zippo lighter

    brand name lighter fluid is the right thing to use. Ronsonol is the best. fake Zippo probably. it obviously leaks and the fuel is evaporating. could also be bad packing. get some new stuff, good stuff, and pack it right. if its not packed enough, there is too much space for vapour. if its...