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  1. nicholassagan

    1:12 Endor Stormtrooper

  2. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/72 TIE Interceptor + TIE Fighter

    Basically no paint! Another one with minimal paint and weathering! A bit "chunkier" than the Fine Molds, but still has the look :)
  3. nicholassagan

    Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Revell 1/500

    Brilliant!! :o :o :o
  4. nicholassagan

    Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Revell 1/500

    Love it. Can't wait to see the pearl effect!!
  5. nicholassagan

    Star Trek 2009 Enterprise Revell 1/500

    Good tip! I'm a big fan of Mr Surfaced 1500 but it's pricey too.
  6. nicholassagan

    1/350 Juggernaut

  7. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/144 X-Wings

    Thanks guys. They are 3.5"
  8. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/144 X-Wings

    SIX of them!! WOOT! All custom decals.
  9. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/72 X-Wing Blue Leader

    Super quick 1-hr build know it was getting the minimalist paint treatment: white primer, insignia white base coat. No detail painting at all. Markings are custom decals mixed with tiny bits of scraps. I scoured over the refs for this one to replicate the weathering using Tamiya and MiG pigments...
  10. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/12 Clone Trooper

    For your viewing pleasure. Done in about 3 days. Built in 1 hr, decals applied over the course of a few hours on and off, clear coats and weathering. OH I also flat coated the black and glossed the white before assembly. Methinks this is a prime kit to make some add-ons. I'd love to make...
  11. nicholassagan

    I-7 Howlrunner WIP

  12. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/14000 Star Destroyer

    Royal Light Gray with a dusting of a lighter gray. It's still a little dark to me. I've since done a couple more using insignia white and they are spot on.
  13. nicholassagan

    Hera's A-wing from Rebels. (WIP)

  14. nicholassagan

    TFA T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron

    NICE work!!
  15. nicholassagan

    Bandai A-wing fighter "Jade Seven"

    I like the green! This kit looks super fun
  16. nicholassagan

    COMMISSION: 1/2256 Avenger and Acclamator

    HUUUUUUUUUGGE UPDATE!!!!!!!! All the detail parts are done. All the little extra greeblies and vinyl panels are on. The whole thing was primed black then hit with a base coat of Royal Light Gray. It actually looks darker in these pics than it actually is. Now I’m in the...
  17. nicholassagan

    1/4222 Assault Frigate

    I count this amongst the REPAIRED header. Rebel techs were known for cobbling together bits and pieces to make new ships. The Dreadnaught base is from the Republic Era and this ship lives on into the the New Republic era. I've been working on and off with a few projects and dug this one out of...
  18. nicholassagan

    Bandai 'mecha' Imperial Star Destroyer

    Nicely done!
  19. nicholassagan

    Bandai 1/14000 Star Destroyer

    Love this kit. A fleet approaches...... Ok Ok I know I don't have a starting pic with the time/date stamp, but I literally built this last week and just took pics today. If I'm hard pressed I'll conjure up my WIP pics w/ dates but hopefully you'll grant me a little grace here since this is...
  20. nicholassagan

    TFA T-70 X-Wing Red Squadron