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  1. Przemo1CK

    SU-85M "propaganda" - gallery

    My first video, sorry for that. Just started record and do that stuff, without any scenario or something ;D
  2. Przemo1CK

    SU-85M "propaganda" - gallery

    Hello My newest work - painted with AK 4BO green set - SU-85M "propaganda" speaker conversion. Also want to present my first mini tutorial - how to put pigments on wet oils - part 1. Regards Przemo
  3. Przemo1CK

    VT-34 technical support tank - Zvezda/Aires 1/35

    Hello Want to show here my latest work. It is technical tank called VT-34, It was based on T-34 tank. I used old Zvezda kit and older Aires conversion. Painted using AK interactive Russian 4BO paints set. Finished with AK fluids and Mig prod. pigments. Of course with friul metal tracks...
  4. Przemo1CK

    ICM Mercedes L1500

    I've put in USD on ebay, on my site is price too: 3,99 euro + shipping. Now I constructing +20 new covers 8)
  5. Przemo1CK

    ICM Mercedes L1500

    Great job, lookin' forward... I've just done resin radiator cover for that kit. cheers Przemo
  6. Przemo1CK

    Gepanzerte RSO 1/35 final gallery

    Thanks guys ;D Yes it is kit, on ebay nick: hqmodels , or direct from my site. Kit was scratch built based only on original photo and drawings of standard RSO - that version was 2x larger, because have double chassis and engines. Przemo
  7. Przemo1CK

    Gepanzerte RSO 1/35 final gallery

    Hello My first Armored RSO is now done - final gallery here: Przemo
  8. Przemo1CK

    Zvezda Panzerjager 1 1:35

    Hi I've built that kit once, very poor... but that what you do with that is STUNNING !!! Great work man ;D
  9. Przemo1CK

    Chevrolet CWT15

    Re: Cevrolet CWT15 WOW - cargo is great - nice work :o
  10. Przemo1CK

    Armored RSO prototype - Blitz Workshop resin 1/35

    Thanks guys, now it is prepared for painting:
  11. Przemo1CK

    Some 1/35 armor & softskins accessories item on ebay

    Hello Maybe someone will be interested of my item for sell: Regards Przemo
  12. Przemo1CK

    Armored RSO prototype - Blitz Workshop resin 1/35

    Hello Next update: Kit is completed, only seats are missing, I will paint them at the end.
  13. Przemo1CK

    Dragon RSO/ 01

    Great, love signs of shots and that cold winter camo - ;D
  14. Przemo1CK

    Armored RSO prototype - Blitz Workshop resin 1/35

    It is not a problem to do resin kit, sometimes they are more simple than plastic ones :) Here some new production: full chassis with Accurate Armour tracks now is completed - also control panel (cab details) is ready - time for rest.
  15. Przemo1CK

    Armored RSO prototype - Blitz Workshop resin 1/35

    Hello Want to show building process of my first released full resin kit - B35002 Gepanzerte RSO (Armored RSO). It was concept prototype version of RSO - based on double chassis with two engines. Price of that kit is 110 $ with free worldwide shipping 8) here is original photo: And some...
  16. Przemo1CK

    Ride it like you stole it

    wowow very nice project ! :o
  17. Przemo1CK

    Dragon RSO/ 01

    Hardcore work 8) Like it a lot !!
  18. Przemo1CK

    Wanted - looking for Magic Tracks for RSO 1/35

    Hello guys Maybe someone of you changed RSO magic tracks for metal ones and don't need magic's. I want to buy at least 5 sets or change for something. please inform me via e-mail: [email protected] Regards Przemo
  19. Przemo1CK

    Detailling the DML Kettenkrad

    Very nice details - beauty job !! ;D
  20. Przemo1CK

    For sell - my resin products

    Hi guys ! Just want to inform that I'm creator and owner of Blitz Workshop brand here in Poland. I've just done some resin products. You can find products in scales: 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72 Hope it's not a problem to put that info here, just started with that :o More info here...