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  1. unclepine

    Sick and tired....

    It's a bummer when you have to check if your insurance will help you out. We are fortunate up here in the Great White North, to have universal health coverage, so no need to worry about mortgaging yer house to pay for a broken leg, hip surgery, or whatever. I feel for ya man, I've been down the...
  2. unclepine

    Tamiya Acrylics add-ins compatibility question

    Hey guys, I've been airbrushing and teaching it for many years now, and I have ONE caviat that I teach all my students...If you use Tamiya Paint, use Tamiya thinner(acrylic to acrylic, lacquer to lacquer), if you use Gunze paint, use Gunze thinner...etc., etc., etc. I know there are success...
  3. unclepine

    1:35 Manned Walker

    LOVE IT...!!! I would do one tiny update...make the foot plates a little bigger and thicker.
  4. unclepine

    painting instructions

    Hey gang, as far as Tamiya is concerned, "X" is ALWAYS gloss, and "XF" is ALWAYS flat...and caps are for emphasis...NOT yelling...hahaha...! and the numbers ALWAYS refer to ratios of any given number of paints. I say this because saying "usually" implies there are other meanings for those Tamiya...
  5. unclepine least favorite season rant.

    It's only gonna get worse guys...we can't seem to divorce ourselves from the almighty gas burning car. Not to mention coal fired power stations, jet airplanes, gas lawn mowers(which I HATE with a passion) a battery powereed one 3 years quiet I don't wake the neighbors kids...! As...
  6. unclepine

    Supply Shortages

    Hey you guys, my LHS, HobbySense here in Winnipeg, is stocked right to the ceiling with kits...! You want tanks...he's got tanks...TONs of 'em. You want planes...same thing. He has over 9000 bottles of 5-6 brands in acrylic, lacquer and enamel(new Tamiya rack). He has tools galore and...
  7. unclepine

    Are compressed air cans at all worth using with an airbrush?

    You haven't done enough research...I have a compressor, yes it not cheap, but but if you are gonna get into this hobby for the long haul, get a GOOD one. It is so quiet, you CANNOT hear it when it runs, only a short pfft, when it reaches full. You actually have to get down on yer knees, put your...
  8. unclepine

    Hey kingslug, not to be too picky, but the headline should read "Takom"...not Takon... ;-) Unc

    Hey kingslug, not to be too picky, but the headline should read "Takom"...not Takon... ;-) Unc
  9. unclepine

    this other thing I'm building

    Cool...but what the heck is it...????!!! Unc
  10. unclepine

    1/32 Trumpeter A6-Intruder

    VERY nice work there buddy...! Just enough weathering to give it a realistic presence. Unc
  11. unclepine

    New guy here from Canada...

    Thanks a bunch...wanted to post some pics of models and workshop. Unc
  12. unclepine

    New guy here from Canada...

    How exactly do I go about posting a pic in reply to a post I read...? Many thanks from The Great White North...! Unc
  13. unclepine

    Tamiya Ferrari F60 1/20 Formula 1

    GREAT build sequences and useful info for F1 builds. I would however choose a "finer" weave for the carbon fibre decals to keep it more in scale.
  14. unclepine

    Star Wars TX-225 Tank Complete + FULL BUILD VIDEO

    The Doktor Manitoba Model Builders, Winnipeg CANADA
  15. unclepine

    Tamiya 1/24 Nissan GTR

    AWESOME build mate...great attention to the small stuff...WELLL DONE...!
  16. unclepine

    Space Ship Crash Site

    AWESOME...!! Love this type of model build. Add some "outside the box" ideas, throw in some different materials...mix with enthusiasm and VOILA...VERY neat concept...WELL DONE mate...LOVE IT...!!!!
  17. unclepine

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    We lost Gooche's hobbues, Spare Time Hobbies, Argus Hobbies(no loss, owner was a turd), Tiger Hobbies lost a wonderful chap, Ken Margusa over CHristmas to ALS...BUT...HobbySense started up 2 years ago, and has become the premiere HS here in Canada. FANTASTIC selection of kits, tools and OMG, his...
  18. unclepine

    Hello from Hillbilly land

    Doesn't matter how, why, or what you long as yer havin fun doin it...! Nice plane Jim62. In our workshop club MMB, we only have 2 rules...1, It's my model and I'll build it how I want. 2. If you critique my model build and see fit to say something's not right...refer to rule #1...