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  1. Larry B

    Airfix P-40B Warhawk 1/48

    Looks really fantastic, the weathering is just right. The only thing I noticed, and I'll bet very few people notice it, is that if one aileron is hanging down a bit then the other one has to be up just a bit. Only a hard core airplane "nut" will pick this detail up! Beautiful model!
  2. Larry B

    I said that I would !!

    I like it! I remember several years ago at the Old Dominion Open IPMS show up in Richmond Va there was a Pink Panther similar to yours. The one at the ODO event did not have the battle hardened commander that you have ( I love Beaker ) but if I remember correctly the other pink panther did have...
  3. Larry B

    How lucky you are !!

    Golgotha, I was saddened to hear about your wife. I hope the treatment is working for her, something like that is a horrific thing to endure. Best wishes for her recovery, getting old really sucks & there is nothing good about it! As for my wife & I, we are both very lucky and even though we...
  4. Larry B

    Heng Long 1/16 RC Tiger 1 early

    looks good, its nice to see another modeler working on 1/16 scale armor. My collection is all 1/16 also, I just prefer the larger stuff.
  5. Larry B

    Sherman M4A3E8 - 4th Armored division - Bastogne 1945 - RFM 1:35

    Looking good, I always thought that the Sherman had a radial engine. I am guessing that certain models of the Sherman had a V8 and others had the radial? I am no armor expert!
  6. Larry B

    Tamiya Panzer II

    Very nice, done just right!
  7. Larry B

    1st Build lessons

    Welcome Wild Dog, Don't get discouraged by what you see other modelers doing! You will find that you NEVER stop finding new and better ways of doing a particular task. And every model that you build will have something that you look at and feel that you could have done it better. I have been...
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  9. Larry B

    Part time build

    Your improvements turned out fantastic! The difference is night and day, I really like the tire tracks where the gun was rolled in place. Keep on building!
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  11. Larry B


    Well does a model ever really turn out as nice as we wanted? I know mine never do but I'll share this build anyway. I bought this kit from my local plastic model hobby shop (Denbigh Hobbies) which has since gone out of business. The owner used to buy estate sales and other large bundles of kits...
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  17. Larry B

    Academy 1/800 USS Kitty Hawk

    Looks great, be sure and post a "finished" photo or two. Do we ever really finish a model for do we just get tired of working on it! Larry
  18. Larry B

    My first build

    I think it looks fantastic! The million dollar question is: did you have fun and enjoy the build? As a side note, speaking for myself I have been building models 55 years and even today when I finish a build I look at it and find something I feel I could have done better. As long as we are...
  19. Larry B

    Modeling the german Hanomag Sdkfz251/1

    I think it looks good, and after you add some finishing details on the interior it will be great. Some figures & stowage stuff will give it that "working" look.
  20. Larry B

    Revell 1/48 F-14D

    Looking good so far. I thought it was funny that you had mentioned how you wanted to do a better job than you did on your first build. This seems to be a recurring theme on a lot of build threads here! I know I for one have been trying to collect the kits that are on my "re-do" list & like...